By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There is a new development in the Facebook data case.

A Maryland woman is now suing Facebook over the release of personal information that made her a target for political advertisements.

Marylander Lauren Price is taking Facebook to court with what she hopes will become a class action lawsuit over privacy data that ended up in the hands of political advertisers trying to influence votes.

It’s a hefty piece of litigation, as Price is suing on behalf of herself and all others similarly situated.

All others are the 50 million Facebook users who had information they did not give, used to target them for ads they did not want about candidates to influence their vote.

“This was a major breach of trust and I’m really sorry that this happened,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said while on CNN.

But Zuckerberg’s ‘mea culpa’ falls short, according to Price’s lead attorney.

“Mr. Zuckerberg’s statements [Wednesday] night on CNN were interesting, but they were more out of consequence than conscience,” John Yanchunis said.

In 2013, a researcher designed a personality quiz and collected psychological data from Facebook users and some of their friends, blowing through privacy settings, and sold the information to Cambridge Analytica, which used it for targeted political advertising.

Facebook learned about it in 2015, and asked the company to delete the data and thought it had, but it had not.

The lawsuit also names Cambridge Anyalytica.

Yanchunis says his firm has heard from thousands.

“I think outrage is the polite word to describe how they are now feeling about a company who held itself out as being trustworthy but was not,” he added.

The lawsuit is just part of the backlash over the ways Facebook was used in the 2016 election.

You do not have to be named in a class action lawsuit to benefit from the outcome.

A judge will decide if the lawsuit should go forward. It was filed in Facebook’s home state of California.

There’s been no immediate comment from Facebook on the lawsuit.

Facebook has announced it will investigate and audit apps and help users understand which apps are accessing data.

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  1. “I think outrage is the polite word to describe how they are now feeling about a company who held itself out as being trustworthy but was not,” he added.

    It’s funny how the Obama campaign group Organizing for America (currently called Organizing for Action) did almost exactly the same thing harvesting data from Facebook in the 2012 election. When Obama’s group did this it was genius. Now it’s an outrage because of Trump? OK. Either this method of data harvesting is wrong or it isn’t. Whoever’s ox is getting gored shouldn’t be the deciding factor on what ranks an “11” on the rage-o-meter

    PS – There are plenty of facts out there to support this on legitimate sites that are both on the left and right. Don’t just go to the Ma’ & Pa’ Kettle operation of SNOPES. They are highly biased and partisan in the way they parse “facts” on anything remotely political and they tilt left every time.

  2. Oh what the heck was released? Date of birth? College attended? All are common ground anyhow. The whiners are those who have never achieved anything and just love to whine and criticize. If was up to that pack of losers who whine we would have lost in the American Revolution of 1776. Go get a life.

  3. I hope this financially destroys FB and especially Zuckerberg himself.

    People need to wake up and realize that these “social networks” are nothing more but data revenue for the companies and stop using them. Like it’s always said, if the product is free, you are the product.

  4. Once she reads the facebook contract she clicked “yes” to whe will withdraw the suit or just lose. Only a real idiot would post personal info on a site that gets its money from selling that personal info.

  5. If you’re using something that’s free, you are not a customer. You are the product being sold.

  6. She’s the product, not the consumer. She doesn’t pay anything for using Facebook. Despite the published terms of service that everyone agrees to without reading, I’m fairly certain that no actual contract exists between her and Facebook since no payment of any kind has changed hands.

  7. an even bigger problem is how facebook refuses to allow you to delete private messages!! you cant get rid of them!! even now, trying to post here THIS website CBS is demanding i allow them to have my personal info via facebook JUST TO COMMENT!

  8. Why is this a problem, OBarky used the same thing and was considered a genius. Liberals are ate up with total ‘Dumb Buttery’.

  9. Susan Bolle says:

    How many of you who are freaking out about data mining have an Alexa?

  10. The money that Zuck will have to pay to settle this lawsuit should be used to buy pork for hungry gentiles.

  11. Hmmmm… smoke and mirrors. People upset over facebook while the gvt. is constantly surveilling and tracking our every move. Happened under all these recent presidents. The idea that there are two parties opposed to each other is just political theater. They are one and the same.

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