BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Right now, students from across the country have descended on Baltimore and the nation’s capital to rally for safer schools.

Students from Baltimore met up at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute to take buses to Washington, D.C. to participate in the rally. Some also chose to stay behind to protest in Baltimore.

About 4,000 Baltimore students will be bused to D.C. The march in Baltimore will start at 10 a.m. at City Hall and end in Little Havana in Federal Hill.

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Just like the student walkouts that preceded it, hundreds of thousands of teens are again expected to deliver a message to lawmakers: “Enough is enough.”

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“I’m just scared that one day I’ll arrive in my car and leave in a coffin, and I’m just tired of that feeling and I’m tired of anyone else having to live through that and live through another shooting,” said Barrett Wynn, who is participating in Baltimore’s march.

The march in Baltimore is one of about 800 taking place in cities across the world. The rally in Baltimore holds even more meaning after the school shooting in southern Maryland that not only resulted in the death of the accused shooter, 17-year-old Austin Rollins, but also 16-year-old Jaelynn Willey.

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Mayor Catherine Pugh says the buses taking students to D.C. is paid for through private dollars.

“I’m excited about the young people from Baltimore. Someone will appear on that national stage to speak on behalf of the people of this city,” Mayor Pugh said.

Some Maryland students are also helping others get to Washington by helping them find free housing in the area with their parent’s permission.

Two high school seniors formed an online group that has helped more than 300 students from across the country.

“We wanted people to get to know each other. We figured the more connections they can make the better,” one of the students said.

The organizer of Baltimore’s march say this movement is just getting started.

“This isn’t going away. This is going to keep happening until they strengthen their gun laws,” Poly-Western High School student Anna Hilger said

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  1. The 2nd Amendment says nothing about the personal ownership of guns and is a relic of slavery. The NRA has spent 40-years maligning the public’s perception of the Amendment. There has always been some form of gun control in the cities and states of the United States. The issue is how to craft rational gun control to reduce gun violence. The massacre at PULSE nightclub in 2016 suggests that the LGBTQ community could lead the way in this discussion. Visit my website at www (dot) ChuckStewartPhD (dot) net to read an academic paper on this topic. Together we can reduce gun violence. Thank you for your time. Chuck Stewart, Ph.D. Just visit and click on the Pulse link.

  2. Waker Uper says:

    WHERE WERE THESE ZOBBIE KIDS WHEN US FORCES WAS BOMBING CHILDREN IN IRAQ ? todays smartphone zombies can be hearded to anywhere even if some sheep farted in the name of safety. these are same people who are killing kids to moblizing these zobbie smartphone kids to target gun owners. OR MAY BE THEY ARE ENCOURAGING SHEEPLE TO BUY MORE GUNS. HERE’S LIBRAL vote bank in canada they ignore.

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