By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — When growing up, a childhood is filled with traditions, and the students at a special school in Baltimore were able to experience a spring tradition like everyone else.

It sounds like 100 dump trucks backing up, but you’re not hearing safety sirens in the Maryland School For The Blind’s gymnasium.

But rather, you’re hearing Easter eggs.

“I found one,” 5-year-old student Kaylin exclaimed.

Kaylin has low-vision, and you can watch as she hones in on the sound of the Easter egg. She gets closer, and closer. When she hears it, she then resorts to touch.

An Easter egg hunt unlike the traditional hunt out in the backyard.

“It would be very frustrating for them,” principal Karen Frank. “With their vision, they may not even see the eggs when they’re hidden in the grass. They may walk by several times and miss it.

There’s no missing these, you can ask Kaylin.

“[Reporter: Do the eggs do something special?] They have chocolate.”

“[Reporter: Yes, they do have chocolate, but I hear something. What is that i’m hearing?] The eggs!,” Kaylin replied.

“[Reporter: Why are the eggs making that noise?] Because they’re beeping!”

All around the event, there are police officers, but not just any cops.

“This event is sponsored by the International Association for Bomb Technicians,” said Amanda Hils, with the ATF.

It seems bomb techs have special skills.

“ATF certified explosive specialists and bomb techs across the country are familiar with electronic circuitry, which makes them adept at wiring the eggs,” Hils added.

Years ago, the blind daughter of an ATF agent inspired him to start this program.

This is the 40th year the school has held this hunt. On Tuesday, it was for the little kids, and on Wednesday older children will have a turn.

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