By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A new national poll shows Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan as the second most popular governor in the country.

For Gov. Hogan, there’s a political comfort zone, and he shared his approach as a Republican governor in a state steeped in Democrats.

“In our state, most people are moderate, straight up in the middle. Or they’re somewhat left of center or somewhat right of center — and that’s where I am,” Hogan told a group of Towson University students. “I try to look at the issues themselves, rather than the party labels, and don’t really care that much about Republican-Democrat politics.”

According to a national poll, Gov. Hogan has the second highest approval rating of any governor in the country — just a few points behind the top spot heal by Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker.

[Reporter: Number 2 in the country.]

“You know, number two tries harder, I guess,” Hogan said. “This is about job approval, and I’m thrilled that that many people in Maryland approve of the job we’ve been doing and we want to try to keep doing it. Hopefully, I think that’s what the election’s really about. If they approve of the job we’re doing, they’ll probably rehire me and if they’re not happy with the job I’m doing, they’ll probably look for somebody else”

With the legislative session behind, now it’s politics time with Democrats going to the polls in June to decide who Gov. Hogan will run against.

There are no Republic challengers in the governor’s race.

Find out about the gubernatorial candidates here.

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  1. Awesome! I can believe it! he has my vote

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