BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore’s police commissioner addressed a crowd at a hip-hop concert alongside the mayor, but the audience didn’t seem interested in what he had to say.

“I want to take about 20 seconds to apologize for all the things that the police have done dating back 200 years,” Commissioner Darryl De Sousa said at Wednesday’s Eric B. & Rakim concert at Baltimore Soundstage.

A video posted by Baltimore Fishbowl shows De Sousa being met with a few applause but mostly boo’s — as well as several profanities.

“Two hundred years ago, all the way to civil rights. All the way to the ’80s where crack was prevalent in the cities and it affected disproportionately African-American men. All the way to the ’90s. All the way to the 2000’s when we had zero tolerance,” De Sousa added.

The commissioner went on to say he promises changes will be made to policing in the future.

On Thursday night, the president of Baltimore’s police union issued this statement, in part: “I’m not sure that a blanket apology covering 200 years is appropriate. Law enforcement was created to protect and serve the citizenry despite race and that is what we strive to do, daily.”

Baltimore Soundstage says the remarks were not choreographed, but they said, in part, “We saw two passionate public servants starting a conversation that needs to be had.”

The Baltimore Police Department has been under fire for reports of abuse of overtime pay, a federal racketeering investigation and a federal order to overhaul the department’s policies and practices.

Baltimore has also seen a surge in violence over the past few weeks after a decline to start the new year.

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Comments (104)
  1. Bob Litfin says:

    Both Baltimore and Maryland are Liberal Cesspools Stay away from both!!

  2. Dey don’t want no ‘pology, dey wants raparations!

    1. The entire local administration of Baltimore city should resign as incompetent buffoons and idiots.
      The new mayor is Maxine Water’s sister. How do people live there under such dumb politicians?

    2. Steve Loeb says:

      And thats exactly what the Dems have said they’ll be including in their 2020 Platform – I guess along with old needles and human feces courtesy of the California State party

  3. If he had been doing his job he would have arrested at least half of the attendants. Most people attracted to rap are criminals.

  4. Mara Massey says:

    Without excusing a few bad apples, why in hell would anyone apologize for the entire police world for anything? THEY are the ones who put their lives on the line every day and who protect us all, black, white, brown, purple or whatever.

    If blacks are disproportionately arrested and jailed for crimes, that is because they disproportionately commit crimes. It’s like blaming an inanimate object (guns) for crimes or deaths committed by real live people..again, black, white, brown, purple or whatever.

    1. You see clearly…Keep up the good work…Teach…:)

    2. Police cannot protect you. They can only arrest someone after a crime has been committed.

    3. Vague, feel-good cliches like”they put their lives on the line every day…” just aren’t true. Being a cop is way down on the list of most dangerous jobs. And they have no legal obligation to protect you. Supreme court says so. Americans are in love with a fairy-tale version of the police that just doesn’t hold up. They are revenue farmers. They serve government and keep the livestock–you and me–on the tax farm in line. They lie, beat, kidnap, steal and murder with impunity. They enjoy a monopoly on the legal use of violence and abuse it routinely. They’re parasites who pray on all of us. And they stay in business because people like you are too afraid to see the truth about them.

  5. Mark Mullins says:

    Between a loony Mayor who basically invited rioters to loot and destroy private property, a loser prosecutor who decided to throw law enforcement to the wolves and now this liberal sellout, it’s a wonder there is still a building left standing in Baltimore, or one officer left on a payroll.

  6. police commissioners are political appointments and don’t represent the rank and file…he’s a reflection of the mayor.
    and it’s funny because baltimore can’t find enough qualified officer candidates because too many have criminal backgrounds and are rejected

  7. I’m sure the 200 years of retired heroes of BCPD along wit it’s current members are proud to be ashamed of their hard work….not….who gave this man authority to speak for them? no wonder morale is non existent…

  8. He has no right to apologize for anyone but himself. And as I understand it, he is apologizing for upholding the law ?

  9. Steve Duncan says:

    What an absolutely stupid thing to do.

  10. Nothing like emboldening the thuggers by pandering to them

  11. Jas Aub says:

    Hilarious. What an ignorant moron.

  12. Lisa Blake says:

    After the apology –
    the hip hop songs began to play: “N***** here N***** that, Cop killer I am, treat woman
    like S***, wheres my money B****. ”

    You don’t get it Commissioner or you Mayor. Who in gods name would want to be a police officer with this type of leadership.

  13. Doug Day says:

    Who’s the 88 who does portrait at a show?

  14. Jerry Walton says:

    What a mental midget. What the hell does the police have with blacks doing crack? I don’t believe the police were forcing them to do those drugs.

  15. Don McCoy says:

    Do these Liberals even care that their Leftist, racist, political correctness nonsense has marginalized them–people like this asinine police commissioner–as the clowns they are? A black cop booed at a concert full of black people because he wanted the adulation of the crowd. He got what he deserved. Policemen should be policemen…not tools of the racist Left.

    1. Why is it that blacks, in general, simply can NOT oversleep the opportunity to make an even larger, more spectacular caricature of themselves than they already are? Is there no end to their buffoonery?

  16. Now, lets have another article about how we can’t figure out why the Baltimore PD is short of cops.

  17. N-words destroyed Baltimore. When the patriots have to take again by force, it will be ugly.

    1. Will the last white person to leave Baltimore please bring the flag?

  18. Eric Jahnke says:

    This sick, sad little clown should be standing in the unemployment line, except he’s in Baltimore and nobody cares about that cesspool.

  19. Richard Magnuson says:

    The police is even attacked from within.

  20. David Sohns says:

    That’s like Baltimore’s black population apologizing for the disproportionate amount of black violent crime.

  21. Chuck Yates says:

    While shots are ringing out from the crowd. These people can not have a gathering without shooting each other or some innocent child.

  22. I recommend we change the name of Baltimore to Dirty Violent Ghetto. Makes more sense than being named after a British Lord born in 1605.

  23. Marie Donno says:

    Baltimore is a joke. A run down hell hole of a city. Yes, they should loosen the reigns and let it fall into anarchy even more. What a moron.

  24. Andy Howe says:

    Confused. Was he apologizing that blacks were on crack? Or was he saying that the police will no longer prosecute blacks on crack? Maybe he was announcing that the police would be giving away crack to blacks. Difficult to figure out what he meant.

  25. haha – what a dimwit appeaser. You want these vermin to cheer?
    Abolish the police and ignore the rule of law. DONE!

  26. The problem here is not the law enforcement officers but the hate rhetoric from the likes of Black Lives Matter movement.
    The fact that almost 40% of the prison population is black and that does not include the blacks walking our streets that are ex convicts.
    The blacks have only themselves to blame for so called racism.It is not racism but fear of violence

  27. Morey Ladini says:

    Considering that you can’t walk thru center city Baltimore without the whiff of stanky blunts on every corner, it’s a mystery how there’s still apparently not enuf there to “chill out” the murder rate there. /sarcasm off/

  28. Mary Mac says:

    PCness has run amok…the police commissioner has no right to apologize. Is the black community going to express remorse for BLM calling for the death of cops? For all the police ambushed by some coward with an agenda that is acceptable to that community? For wasting all the opportunities and special treatment they’ve been given by the very people they despise? For demanding no consequences for their actions? Now whenever something happens to a black person, it has to be about race…..and then that pathetic need to show up whitey kicks in. Remember the old saying ‘slaves (of any color) do not want to be free. They want to be the masters.’

  29. How about apologizing for 200 years of black crime…How about thanking white people for “integration” they created for the black man…How about thanking white people for all the homes that blacks live in that were built by white people (don’t think you can find ONE home in all of Baltimore built by a black man))… How about thanking white people for the base that they’ve given the black race.

  30. Noggfests should be policed … guaranteed someone got shot there the other night.

  31. Meanwhile, in Gilchrist County, Florida…

  32. How do morons like this rise to positions of power?

  33. Paul King says:

    Note: Baltimore is dying just like Detroit and for the same reason.

  34. Baltimore has joined L.A, San Fran, Chicago, N,Y. and Detroit as monuments to liberal management.

  35. David Eldon says:

    Baltimore………the next Detroit. ( After watching “The Wire”….filmed from 2002-2006)…..which showed the horrors of Baltimore, it has only become worse. ) This PoPo commissioner is a typical spineless worm………very much the politician playing to the mob for approval.

  36. Jeff Hall says:

    Real Police need to walk off the job. Let the liberal white communities fend for themselves and let the hood rat savages wipe each other out. Win win.

  37. As civil war creeps closer and closer.

  38. And people wonder why Baltimore has been confirmed as a dangerous and undesirable city…

  39. Bill Kilgore says:

    This commissioner is an embarrassment and a traitor to every good police officer, past, present and future.

  40. Complete IDIOT!! Do your job! SMH at your STUPIDITY!! Why don’t you just kiss their @$%&#

  41. Doug Weiss says:

    every city that has a black majority of politicians running it has turned into a shi..hole. Baltimore, St. Louis, Newark, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis all heading towards South Africa/Mozambique style activism, crime and poverty. Soon to see armed blacks patrolling main streets and tormenting white people to do something about it. This is a reverse civil war. They were freed by Republicans and degraded by Southern Democrats for 100 years and now they want reparations, unarmed police, zero prosecutions for crimes, more affirmative action, more welfare and a super equality over whites. They want to destroy the “EVIL” white race. Destroy the white man’s culture and history. It will be worse than just segregation was for blacks, they are talking about an all out war.

  42. Jim Trott says:

    I am sure the cops will support this POS. How about talking about the total lawlessness of the citizens, the riots, and disrespect for the law.

  43. Maybe he should apologize for all of the crimes the street apes have committed.

  44. The police chief must say whatever he is told to say by the mayor. What does it mean when someone apologizes for something that they personally had nothing to do with? 200 years? 1818? How many of black or white ancestors were even in the country then? Are they present at the so called hip hop crowd? It is the show trials from Mao’s time.

  45. When The Great One, the Anointed One, finally emerges in our midst… he shall know that he is indeed The great One by the following sign: the dunces are in confederacy against him.” –John Kennedy Toole, A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES

  46. Scot Corwin says:

    Good reason for the locals to carry a concealed weapon, your on your own!

  47. The good citizens of the city should protest and DEMAND his resignation! Nut we have a loony tune for a so called mayor also! Why this city in a pit!

  48. Rob Bruce says:

    Apology for what? Arresting criminals?

  49. Mike Lester says:

    Starbucks founder is in the throws of doing exactly the same thing w/ mandatory employee “IMPLICIT BIAS” (junk science) training.

  50. Even his own homeboys can see he is an a-hole…

  51. The State of Maryland needs to take control of the BPD, fire this clown, and put real police back on the street to give wood shampoos to these thugs! It disgusts me that my hometown is now a cesspool of violence.

  52. Jim Wolfson says:

    Hah-hah-hah! Wasting time trying to talk to ghettotrash.
    Suck it, democRats. This is on YOU.
    MAGA, baby.

  53. Way to throw your officers under the bus. This Commissioner is no leader.

  54. Apologizing to criminals is a dumb thing for a police commissioner to do.

  55. Alan Smithee says:

    Since de Sousa is African American… and also the police commish… “the man”… isn’t this Black on Black oppression he is apologizing for.

  56. Joe Pelley says:

    “…where crack was prevalent in the cities and it affected disproportionately African-American men. ” – – – Who was at fault for that? The police? Whitey? F-you. The perp is responsible for selling, using drugs and for crimes committed.

  57. And where is Baltimore now that little barry Hussein and eric “Fast & Furious” holder have ruined it? Crime, straight up. People with brains moving out. All thanks to PC infected liberalism.. Bye, bye, Maryland.. You are an official, liberal, sewer, now.

  58. Paul Roberts says:

    Everything the Baltimore Police Department has done is a disgrace for the past 200 years? So he is admitting he is also a failure. He is also saying the Mayor and city council has been a complete failure for the past 200 years because they direct Police operations. Real smart Commissioner Darryl De Sousa. See you in the unemployment line.

  59. Jon Doe says:

    By apologizing, the man legitimized their phony argument about police being the ones responsible for the disproportionate amount of blacks in prison. And what did he get in return? Booed and heckled. When are these idiots going to learn that you gain nothing by grovelling to these leftist.

  60. Alan Whitney says:

    This is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

  61. Upside down inside out world of the perverse America hating left that obama who let the dogs out totally unleashed.

  62. No one, and I mean no one who is living today should take responsibility for what happened 200 years ago, that it absurd. It was a different time and we have moved forward. I think that is what the problem is, rather than looking forward and trying to determine what we can do to make things better, people look back and try to get an advantage for things they never suffered, but claim to be a party to. Move forward, fix things, stop looking back, we can’t change that!

  63. Welcome to the future ladies and gentlemen.

  64. Jim Wolfson says:

    Baltimore is run by the ‘Rats, right?
    So, no surprise.

  65. I was in Baltimore years ago…it was a SHEITHOLE even then…..

  66. Samuel Green says:

    Baltimore is just one of those places that is so stuck on stupid, it defies reason nor logic.

    Places like Baltimore that order their entire police force to not police, and let the city riot and burn at the order of the mayor and governor, has most people shaking their heads.
    It’s sad as Baltimore could be a great city, but it’s leadership from the Governor down to this commissioner is so inept and corrupt, only better leadership will fix it’s woes.

    Apologizing for 200 years of bad policing is pretty out there, doing so at a rap concert shows this police commissioner > IS THE VILLAGE IDIOT <

  67. Baltimore Liberal Logic:
    Black’s Riot
    Destroying Black Businesses
    After Black Guy Dies in Police Custody
    With 3 Black Police Officers
    In A 43% Black Police Department
    With a Black Chief of Police
    Under A Black Female Mayor
    With A Black Female State Attorney
    In A City Ruled By Democrats for Over 50 Years
    With the First Black Female US Attorney General
    Appointed By The First Black President
    And they all BLAME RACISM

  68. The homicide rate in Baltimore is 56.2 per 100,000.
    That’s 40-times higher than the white homicide rate in America….40 times higher!!!
    …and, they don’t apologize for it, either.

  69. Cody Silver says:

    He was booed there and I’m booing him now IDIOT BOO!!!

  70. Bob Suyak says:

    BPD wasting you time, because punks raised with a daddy will always be punks without a direction, not know right from wrong.

  71. What an embarrassment to be there in that hoogaa boogaa hooliga crowd.
    Long live Africa!

  72. Most ASININE thing I’ve EVER seen!

  73. This anti-police attitude stems not from abuses but from the fact that police are there to stop crime. Since that is presumably always going to be the function of police, people who don’t like their crims and those of their friends being stopped will always hate police. BLM, etc. use the issue of police brutality as a political tool to weaken police protection of the citizens they seek to victimize.

  74. Apologize for your own actions! Stop apologizing for the actions of my ancestors, you did not live in their time and most likely have zero concept of what was their reality.

  75. Lesson: No matter what you do, it will NEVER BE ENOUGH!

    The Race Industry survives if and only if there is racial unrest.

  76. Chip DeBlock says:

    We decided to discuss this story on the LEO Round Table law enforcement talk show. Here’s the link in case you want to check it out: