By Tim Williams

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If you’re getting dressed or getting someone ready for the bus stop, going to school, well it looks like temperatures are going to be in that 50-degree range, call it 51 degrees.

There are early sprinkles around but it’s otherwise mostly cloudy for your day.

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It turns breezy this afternoon and it gets pretty cool. Gusts could be up to about 35 miles per hour, so it will be breezy. Even coming home it will be a daytime high of 56. Coming home, we are looking at temperatures again dropping down into the 50’s for the daytime.

So as we get into the afternoon. Just know that as our temperature gets up to a high, the winds kick up and it will be 55-56 degrees. We’ll drop through the 40’s for the dinner hour and you can expect for the skies to clear in the evening . It does get colder.

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Now, as for your allergies, if you are a sufferer, pollen count is getting high here as far as the trees concerned. The tree count is high but everything else is low, including grass, mold and weeds. As a result of that rain yesterday, it’s washed a lot of the pollutants out of the air so the air quality for Thursday is on the good side.

If you plan on going down to light city, as we get into a sun down time of just around 7:30 p.m. or so, we’re looking for partly cloudy skies again, the skies will clear, as we get into the evening hours. 49 degrees but it will turn colder and we do have a freeze watch in effect for many parts of the area tomorrow morning because of the temperatures will get at or below freezing.

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Tim Williams