By Devin Bartolotta

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– It’s been three days since a life was taken in Baltimore.

Although two men were hurt in separate shootings during the weekend, the city’s declared ceasefire is pushing forward.

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Many moms spent Mother’s Day grieving for their children killed on the streets of Baltimore. So far, this weekend–the motto “nobody kill anybody” has held true.

As church began Sunday morning in West Baltimore–no mother had lost a son or daughter to gun violence in nearly three days.

The service was for moms of murder victims–marking a so-far successful ceasefire weekend in a city grappling with more than 100 murders so far this year.

“If we all can come together like this and assure people that we want the violence to stop in our city, we’ll see more of the violence stopping in our city,” Baltimore Ceasefire Ambassador Lynn Forman.

Dozens of ceasefire events drew attention to the cause all weekend. Many remembered those lost to gun violence. Others, brought families together in their own neighborhoods, taking Baltimore out of its comfort zone and turning everyday citizens into agents of change.

“I’m a chef now, I’m that community activist chef. And I want to see how I can cook things up, you know. And make something different for our kids here in the city,” Baltimore resident Lawrence Manning said.

Heading into ceasefire weekend, police made an arrest in one of the most shocking homicides this year.

They charged 20-year-old Shawn Little in last weekend’s shooting death of Ray Glasgow III, a rising star at Baltimore City College High School.

shawn little No Lives Lost During Baltimore Ceasefire Weekend

“We’re not dealing with new killers. We’re not dealing with a lot of new offenders,” said Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith. “We’re dealing with the same offenders who are in and out of the system time and time again. It is truly a revolving door.”

Baltimore Ceasefire is happy to jam that door–if only for one weekend at a time, proving peace in Charm City is possible.

The declared ceasefire ends Sunday night.

Monday, groups plan to go to the places where lives were taken by gun violence to commemorate those victims.

Baltimore’s last ceasefire weekend in February led to more than a week without a homicide.

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Comments (6)
  1. Thought cease fire means NO SHOOTING!! People were shot by the grace of GOD no one died!. STOP twisting it around to make it look like a success. NOT A SINGLE MENTION OF THE ACTUASL SHOOTINGS THAT DID OCCUR! SMH

  2. Here I fixed your headline for ya! ” Baltimore ceasefire unsuccessful this weekend” Two shootings happened once the ceasefire was well underway, one Friday evening and one Saturday Morning. By luck, or bad shot or God himself NO one was killed. FYI once the bullets left the muzzle of the barrel you ceasefire was over and unsuccessful. Deaths not occurring was only pure luck. Does anyone know what ceasefire MEANS?? You cannot twist it around to suit you, you can call it no body killed weekend that would be correct! Stop painting a pretty picture that is NOT true! Maryland is the #2 murder per capita city in the US, violent crimes are off the charts so guns were used during your so called ceasefire is still a violent crime! GET THE PICTURE??


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