By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Legit storms. That is the only way to describe our weather yesterday late afternoon, night, and into the overnight. But here is where I am going with this. It is all about the location. And just how do we determine that? Many times we do not, Mother Nature does, the Earth itself.

We can predict the dynamic that will set up the chance of storms, but many times you will hear us intone, spotty, or scattered. There are times where we know a line will set up and we can identify areas “most likely” to see activity. Obviously with a big system we can just include the whole state and be spot on. BUT there are times when the air is so unstable, as it will be today, that we don’t know the big impact region until these storms fire up later on. Last evening it was the area South of the city. Later today, ..your guess is as good as any to be honest. Just understand we need to stay on point, no matter where you are reading this.

93° and HUMID today. Still beats snow and ice.


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