MONTGOMERY Co., Md. (WJZ) — Police arrested a 24-year-old woman who reportedly yelled she “hated white people” before assaulting two senior citizens while on a Maryland bus.

The Gaithersburg Police Department reports this incident happened at 9 p.m. on June 4. Officers were called to N. Frederick Ave. and Travis Ave.

Responding officers were told that two senior citizens had been assaulted while they were on a bus heading to Germantown.

According to police, a black female, later identified as Kimberly Jordan, was on the bus, when she said that she “hated white people” several times.

Police say Jordan then assaulted a woman on the bus, and when a man tried to intervene, she also attacked him.

The bus driver stopped the bus, and Jordan then got off the bus and walked away. Both victims reportedly had minor injuries.

Jordan was later arrested and charged with second-degree assault.

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  1. Feds need to be involved! She violated federal civil right laws of the people she attacked! It works BOTH ways!! That animal needs to do hard time! Wish I was on the bus she would be in the hospital!

  2. Why are not the feds involved it’s a HATE crime????

  3. if she was my kid i would tell the jail to keep her for life with rule one no phone calls in rule two no phone calls out rule three no computers rule four no compuiter soft ware rule five no visiters rule six no mail going out rule seven no mail coming in if my kid ever did that to senior citizens she or he is a danger to society but the black cousin has whats coming to her i would like to know what happened to the seniors did they liv or did the seniors die if i wass on the bus and if it was my kid the trouble maker would not be standing i never had kids but if this whole world got together and traced our family tres back far enough we are all related i look at mister and miss and misses and mizz police officers AS COUSINS MAKING A LIVING I HAVE NEIBORS WHO WORK FOR THE FIRE DEPART MENT PLUS COUSINS PLEASE THENKS EXCUSE MY ALL CAP LATTERS MY KEY BOARDS JAMMED PLUS IT MAKES IT EASIER FOR SOME PEOPLE TO REED

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