By Alex DeMetrick

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — They ranged from pre-school to high school, each holding the question they were poised to ask astronaut Rick Arnold, who is orbiting high above in the International Space Station.

“What are some of the long-term health issues from being in space?” Sanar Edwards asked.

“I hope not many,” Arnold answered, which got a good laugh inside the visitor center at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

These video link-ups to astronauts are normally done in schools, but since it’s vacation, Goddard invited in local summer camps.

It was still educational.

“I really learned how they float, what they eat, how they can do stuff,” camper Riley Harris said.

Arnold’s parents were also invited. A Maryland native, Arnold was a teacher before he became an astronaut.

His current mission will run 200 days, a long time for parents to wait for their son to return safely home.

“The first time was 13 days,” his father, Dick Arnold, said. “That was hard enough. This is a little bit out of hand.”

When asked how it feels to launch, Arnold told the campers, “It is probably the most exciting ride you could ever have in your life. Think of the coolest roller coaster you’ve ever been on, and the ride lasts eight and a half minutes. And when it’s over, you’re looking down on this magnificent planet.”

Arnold is due to return to Earth in October.

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Alex DeMetrick


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