HOWARD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — As the family plans the funeral for a Columbia woman police say was mauled to death by her pit bull, many are asking questions about the dog itself.

Police are looking now into the history of the dog, where it was adopted and what its life may have been like before launching this deadly attack.

Police said 64-year-old Robin Conway was found dead in her backyard Monday, mauled by a pit bull dog she had recently adopted out of state.

“This dog has been in this household for only two weeks. We’ve had no calls to that house for animal control or any complaints related to that dog,”

Police said when first responders arrived, the dog was standing over a fatally injured Conway, lunging and barking at officers.

But the Maryland SPCA, who has no affiliation with that dog, said these tragedies often give pit bulls a bad rap.

“It’s really hard when you hear horrific stories not to generalize as a gut reaction, but the truth is that all dogs have their own personality and they have their own story to tell,”

Although friendly and gentle, dogs who look like 10-month old Ghost wait for adoption longer than other breeds.

Prince Goerge’s County bans pit bull terriers altogether.

In Conway’s case, police are looking into whether her dog had rabies or another illness.

Her sister said she had owned pit bulls before, and loved animals.

“Everybody’s different. Every animal’s different. Some animals have their problems that you don’t see on the outside,” said Conway’s sister, Susan Eve LeClair.

Police said they had to euthanize the dog. Conway’s autopsy will determine her exact cause of death.

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Comments (9)
  1. William Linington says:

    A woman has just died one of the most gruesome deaths possible, and all the animal welfare people can talk about is the d*mn dogs. I don’t know any other public service “profession” that would be allowed to roll the dice of public safety like this. They’d be thrown in jail.

    It’s a killer breed. That woman sure self-nominated for a 2018 Darwin Award. Sounds like her sister is aiming for one, too.

  2. In other words – Never adopt a Pit bull

  3. Really, William Linington? What you describe sounds like everyday operation for Planned Parenthood.

  4. Anne L Hilliard says:

    No doubt, the poor dog had been abused before ending up in a shelter. How was this poor woman to know? It’s personality had been altered. Sad all around, Another reason why those who abuse animals should be heavily prosecuted.

  5. Pit bulls earn their “bad rap” one mauling death at a time. Liana Vilano – RIP

  6. Brian Cunningham says:

    Last year 75% of dog attack deaths were caused by pit bulls/pit bull mixes. Over 50% of pit bull killings are to members of the animals’ families. The vast majority of pit bull maulings involve children under 10 and senior citizens.

    The ASPCA always defends pit bulls because pit bulls are an important part of its business model. Visit most shelters and 50%+ of dogs for adoption are pit bulls/pit bull mixes.

  7. John VanMunster says:

    “all dogs have their own personality” True but not all dog BREEDS consistently are implicated in a vicious mauling and/or killings. But all types of dogs ARE consistently displaying their inherit breed traits. Pit bulls were bred to be killers and unfortunately too often instinctively act on that genetic impulse. They were not, and should NEVER be, considered as “safe” family pets.

  8. Ian Elliott says:

    They shouldn’t be pets at all, and should never have been bred in the first place. Pit bulls need to be eradicated from the Earth. This isn’t he dogs fault, it is the people who ever bred them in the first places’ fault.

    No good is served by pit bull terriers. None. There are dozens and dozens of other breeds for dog lovers to enjoy. #nomorepitbulls

  9. James Duncan says:

    Animal welfare groups such as the ASPCA, Humane Society, etc. have blood on their hands for failing to properly educate the public as to the real proven dangers of bully breed dogs such as the pit bull. These groups don’t give a damn about the continuous flow of victims and deaths. Google “pit bull attack” and click News. The sad Maryland death is just one of many US pit bull caused deaths so far this year.

    Animal control laws almost everywhere were established when the thought of a pet dog killing or maiming someone was outside of everyone’s experience. Young people tend to imagine that dog attack violence is normal, because they never knew a time when it was not.

    There’s no doubt that the violent aggression potential deliberately bred into pit bulls (Google “pit bull history”) can eventually be bred out just the same. However, it’s morally unacceptable that over years and decades, thousands of children, grownups, other pets, and various livestock animals must be mauled, often to death, for a long run pit bull genetic dilution experiment. Highly specialized traits for mauling other animals, including and especially other combatant pit bulls, were deliberately induced into bully dog genes. Pointers point, border collies herd, and pit bulls maul by design.

    Our sick society barely pays notice to a continuous spray of US mass shootings (306 to date – search Mass Shooting Tracker) so the gruesome pit bull maulings are merely buried in our US uncivil noise, one more bloody issue of near zero concern.

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