Hi Everyone!

What a lousy weather pattern we’ve been in. Ain’t no putting lipstick on this pig, and we continue gray skies today and tomorrow with some showers around. A thunderstorm is not out of the question today through Thursday too. Gray skies on early shifts mean trying to get motivated and NOT nap in the afternoon. (Heck gray skies over and over again make it tough not to nap on the 9 to 5 job!) Then we will be dealing with Hurricane Florence.

(And we will be dealing specifically with Florence, here, during this blog starting tomorrow. (Why wait? Easy answer. Though we have no real questions about the “general” track, plus cause and effect of Florence, large storms like this can demand we live life 8 hours at a time. Update to update from the National Hurricane Center so that we are not surprised by any change, and can take appropriate action. Too much going on the say the word “definite” for quite a while. (Even just hours from landfall Tropical weather can change direction, and sometimes does.) Tomorrow we will get into that info flow. This day it’s just a moist flow from the East, and some scattered showers.

Today it is just a matter of, as Jimmy Buffett sing’s, “Trying to reason with hurricane season.”



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