Hi Everyone!

Not a bad day in the Mid-Atlantic. Two in a row how about that! We will have a few clouds due to a slight Easterly flow but we’ll take days like this all year long. The last Thursday of Summer. Man oh man.

I follow Jimmy Buffett on Instagram and he posted a picture of himself on a sailboat just kind of looking content but staring straight ahead. He “Summers” in Nantucket and posted “Last sail of the Summer. Time to head back to Margaritaville for the “son of a son of a sailor.” Fall begins here Saturday afternoon. Temps here in the Mid-Atlantic won’t immediately cool when Fall arrives but we will have more seasonal days in the low mid 70’s, than days above normal in the low to mid 80;s.

Nature is pulling the rug off of the sunglasses and shorts season, but hopefully it will be a gentle fall, as in kerplunk hitting the floor, not Season.



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