By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — How did you like yesterday afternoon?  THAT was a wakeup call. “THAT” being the temperature. The high of  67° was well below the normal of 75°. But just like in early Spring where you can see a very mild day we had an early Fall chilly afternoon.

3 months from today is Christmas day. At that point we will be a few day’s into Winter. Our weather usually goes into the tank in very early January, though our normal first bit of snow is. “usually”, early December.

I point all this out just as a bit of frame work for the next few days where we will get quite warm and humid again. 78° late today, but 84° tomorrow. Through the 7 day outlook we stay in the mid 70’s at, or, slightly above normal.

Yesterday was just a little bump in the weather road. A bump not a big pothole. That will come later. Go ahead and put the AC back on.


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