ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Marylanders will soon decide who will represent them in court in the race for attorney general.

From public safety to health care, to consumer protection and protecting the environment- the state attorney general is the go-to and incumbent Democrat Brian Frosh and Republican challenger Craig Wolf are making their cases on the campaign trail.

“He’s a lifelong politician who got 56 percent of the vote four years ago, and he’s at 43 percent and I’m right behind him with single digits. My message is getting out,” said Craig Wolf.

In that message, Wolf claims Frosh is focused more on lawsuits his office has filed against the Trump administration than on Maryland’s crime and the opioid crisis.

Frosh disputes that claim.

“I set up the organized crime unit in the attorney general’s office on day one, when I was sworn in. And during that time we have indicted and put behind bars some of the most dangerous people in our state- drug traffickers, human traffickers, pill mill operators,” Frosh said.

Both candidates emphasized the need to address the concerns of Maryland residents- Wolf for change.

“I’m not a career politician, I’m somebody who’s standing up because I’m fed up with what’s going on in the state and we need an attorney general who actually will work with everybody across party lines to get things done,” Wolf said.

Frosh stands on his record.

“We have forged partnerships that have made us a force multiplier, and we have brought to justice hundreds of violent and difficult people,” Frosh said.

With election day just weeks away, both candidates will continue to make their cases to represent the state in cases going forward past November.