By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A mild start to this day makes a Monday all that much better! And as we have been discussing here last week, THIS WEEK will be quite mild. Let’s focus in on Halloween. For parents and kids alike this will be one of the best, weather wise, in years. Wednesday’s high will be 68°,  and by late afternoon/evening temps will still be in the, gentle, low 60’s. Little wind if any.

Great news! Now the bad news.

How, at work, do you walk by all the leftover Halloween candy people bring in to get out of the house? You know it’s gonna happen. How will that Peanut Butter Cup end up in my hand? I know,….MAGIC! Yeah, that’s the ticket :-)~

Let me invoke some weather to bring you off that ledge,…in just 8 long months beach weather will be here and that devil candy laying around you will regret eating. Yeah sure.


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