HOWARD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Both candidates for Howard County executive are ready for a weekend of non-stop campaigning.

Incumbent Republican Allan Kittleman and Democratic challenger Calvin Ball are veteran elected officials, Kittleman is a former state senator wrapping up his first term as county executive, while Ball is a 4-term Howard County councilman.

The candidates squared off last month in a debate moderated by WJZ’s Vic Carter.

We caught up with them at their campaign offices Friday.

“I really want to bring people together. I think there are a lot of concerns here in Howard County and they want a leader who’s going to address those concerns,” Ball said.

Incumbent Kittleman said he sees bipartisanship as his strong point.

“I’m a bipartisan leader,” said Kittleman. “I think a lot of people know there are people on the right who get upset with me sometimes and people on the left who get upset with me sometimes and so you have to figure maybe i’m doing something right then. I look at issues for what they are and not what the party says.”

Ball said he sees voters wanting someone to take sides.

“A lot of voters are concerned about the negative divisive rhetoric that they hear from president trump and they want somebody who’s going to make sure that we stand up for those who are afraid and feel like they’re being targeted,” Ball said.

Kittleman said he believes his method is tried and true.

“I think being in the middle of the road is taking a stand. I’m a centrist, that’s what i am and i look at things for what’s best for the community itself,” Kittleman said.

Both candidates said they have plans for dealing with top issues, with education and Ellicott City flooding head the list.