By Marty Bass


We now head into the first weekend of November. That 75° yesterday, and today’s low to mid 70’s were and are nice but it will be back to reality before not too long. By reality I mean a daytime normal around 60°, the night normal is in the low 40’s. But here is the reality of those numbers. They are not just a November thing. They are also an April deal too!

April? Yep. Early April.

The years normal temperatures are like a Bell Curve meaning that the numbers on the ascending, and descending side of the top mirror each other, Now do understand we are on the descent and our normal will drop as fast as Spring’s will rise. But as we enter the weekend and talk about a return to normal with, for instance a Ravens game day Sunday high of 60° don’t think the bottom has dropped out. Just look at this weekend as an encore of April! Works for me!

T.G.I.F. everyone! Ain’t it the truth!


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