By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — So we had on the news this morning that 2018 is now the third wettest year on record. I will totally bet the house on enough more rain to take us to number 1. And soon! As it is, now, we are just a few inches away from the record. In just the next seven days we will see steady rain tomorrow late day, and night. And then another coastal storm Monday night into Tuesday will drench us again. That might push us to the top of the list . Most certainly, with another month and a half to go in 2018,  we will crush the old record.

A dubious distinction for sure.

I am personally hoping this pattern breaks up. In Winter the thought of snow, ice, and freezing rain are normally a part of the season. But just imagine cold temps with all this moisture. And you want to know something? I am not the only person thinking about it! The question, “How much snow would we have gotten?” after more than one rained out Summer weekend has been asked of me many times.

File that under misery loves company.


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