By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Here it is real darn close to mid-month, mid-November, and our Winter begins. (At least the season for wintery events begins.) 31 years ago, on Veteran’s Day, we had enough of a snow fall that one of our staff members whose anniversary is today, (shout out to John and Robin Malwitz) encountered a difficulty.  Back in 1989 his then bride could not get out to get her wedding dress that day. So yes we have had legit Winter weather “this early.”

Just like in March when it can roar up to near 80, in mid Fall we can see mid-January. The ebb and flow of nature.

I know the wintery mix, the visual, will get our attention. But what I am focused on is the rain in here by noon. And that rain not abating until early Friday during the morning rush.  And the record setting year for falling moisture gets that much more impressive. Could we see a 70.00″ eventual total this year for rain? It is possible. To me that alone pales the white stuff you will see a bit of tomorrow.


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