By Rick Ritter

BALTIMORE COUNTY, MD (WJZ) — The series four Apple Watch is equipped with an EKG capability that alerts users to irregular heartbeats by reading and recording these impulses resulting in a waveform that is automatically stored in your iPhone’s health app.

Tyler Ahlfeldt woke up one night after feeling a fluttering sensation in his chest.

After using the watch an A-Fib alert was displayed across the screen prompting him to seek medical attention.

“It was pretty scary because my typical resting heart rate is between 50-60 bpm, while I was going through this it was 144-150 bpm, it was kind of a full sprint at this point” said Ahlfeldt.

Arial Fibrillation is an often rapid heart rate that can lead to heart attacks or even a stroke.

While this technology can save lives, doctors warn the potential risk of people being exposed to the healthcare system may lead to increased costs and unnecessary anxiety.

But in this case, Ahlfeldt feels time was of the essence and the watch gave him a lifesaving push, otherwise he may not have gone to the hospital.

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Rick Ritter


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