By Devin Bartolotta

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The microphone was in voter’s hands Saturday morning at a public input meeting over Police Commissioner nominee, Joel Fitzgerald.

Though the meeting went on without Fitzgerald present, whose 12-year-old son was rushed into emergency surgery this week, Baltimore residents did not mince words.

Baltimore had the floor at City Hall, with residents weighing in on Fitzgerald.

“Some of the statements he made suggest that he’s dangerously clueless,” said one resident.

Some pleaded against the nomination, urging the council to vote “no” on the current Forth Worth, Texas Police Chief.

“We need help,” said another concerned resident. “And I beg you, please do not confirm Joel Fitzgerald.”

One resident believed that Fitzgerald would make the city worse.

“He told folks to Google him,” said the resident. “That was a terrible choice for him, and it’s an even worse choice for our city. We deserve better and I thank you for your time.”

In a mixed-bag background report on Fitzgerald released earlier this week, a city councilman in Fort Worth called Fitzgerald “thin-skinned.”

Fort Worth’s mayor said Fitzgerald has done an excellent job and that she’d hate to see him go.

Outside of City Hall Saturday, some silently protested Fitzgerald’s confirmation.

Inside, mothers of Tyrone West and Kevin Cooper, who were killed by police, shared their desperate need for a better Baltimore.

“Our city is dying,” said Greta Carter-Willis. “Our city is bleeding, our city is hurting. We don’t need another person to come into our city with corruption already following them.”

An overwhelmingly negative response from voters as the City Council decides if Fitzgerald is right for the job.

Fitzgerald needs the majority of 15 council votes to become commissioner.

Council President Jack Young says a hearing scheduled for Monday night is likely to be rescheduled because of Fitzgerald’s family emergency.

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Devin Bartolotta

  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    The look on city council members faces tell all. They are wondering what the catered dinner will be NOT the concerns of the citizens!

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