BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It was a tough loss for Baltimore Sunday and some Ravens fans didn’t take well to a Chargers fan in the stands.

Twitter user drejwalker originally posted a 28-second video of a fight in the stands.

Baltimore Ravens Fall To L.A. Chargers In Wild Card Game

You see a man in Ravens gear punching another man in Chargers gear over and over again until the men fall into other fans and continue fighting.

Some fans in the area were encouraging the fight, while others were shocked to see it happening.

At the end of the video, you see police come to break up the fight.

We’re linking out to the YouTube version of the video because its contents are NSFW and could be seen as offensive to some.

Should Harbaugh Have Put Flacco Back In For Second Half Against Chargers?

The Ravens lost to the Chargers Sunday 23-17, ending their season.

UPDATE: The Twitter user has since pulled down his account. So we’re linking to the video that’s been reported on YouTube.

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Comments (67)
  1. Sigmund Silber says:

    Baltimore is a pretty disgusting place.

  2. Jason Griffin says:

    John Harbaugh needs to be fired! Lamar clearly was choking and he had a clear back up vet that could have pulled the ravens through, did he even try, NOPE!

  3. Jack O'Brien says:

    You really don’t understand free speech. You do not censor the news because it may offend. There is no freedom from offense. Doing so reveals your hubris and disrespect for your audience.


    1. John Sandusky says:

      says the idiot in all caps

  5. Justin Lakely says:

    Baltimore once again showing its ignorance. The place like most big cities is a garbage dump!

  6. Being in New England, I was on the fence who to root for in this game. As soon as Murderous Ray Lewis was trotted out before the game to whip up the fans, I came to my senses and it was San Diego all the way. I’m glad to see Baltimore go down after putting Ray Lewis on a pedestal when he should be behind bars. I then had flashbacks to the riots in Baltimore and all the looting and it only made sense why this guy is worshipped in Baltimore…….he IS Baltimore.

  7. Big Mama says:

    Hardballs was afraid to be called a RASIS..sad to watch Flacco just have to sit there ready to go.. …got to be embarrassing

  8. Vox Veritas says:

    “We’re linking out to the video” No, you’re not. You’re “linking out to” where there may have been a video but isn’t anymore.

    1. Samuel Green says:

      Vox, The video was removed by Twitter, but here’s a link to the video via Youtube, and I agree with most comments, as Baltimore is not my favorite city, I try to avoid going there as Baltimore’s elected leaders are fully stuck on stupid.

  9. They can leave the jungle, but the jungle still runs in their veins…

  10. Hank Reardon says:

    Prosecute the idiot to the fullest extent of the law. It’s an outrage that anyone has to fear being assaulted by some fool because you show up at a game in the wrong gear.

  11. Video has been removed. It’s not that the video was “NSFW” but likely it showed a person(s) of a specific persuasion that we are told never, ever commit acts of violence or anything negative.

    1. No, this time it was a white dude. It is just Baltimore being Baltimore. Someone posted the video in the comments since the original was removed.

  12. Tom DeCarlo says:

    Given that it’s Baltimore, Charger fans were lucky they weren’t shot.

  13. Ed Weibe says:

    That coach needs to be fired. Why the hell play all season if your gonna have the means of winning the game and leave it sitting in on the bench.

  14. JD Yank says:

    Just another reason not to spend a Penny on the worthless NFL!!!! Ever……

  15. Bud Rudacille says:

    The rabble in the Roman Coliseum during gladiatorial combat was probably more civilized.

  16. Like the Chargers? Come here from Drudge? Check out for more real California news.

  17. Ryan Mouk says:

    Me cave man,
    Team Lost. Me hit other cave man.

  18. I really don’t know anybody who has Baltimore as a vacation destination…

  19. Luis Martinez says:

    I will fight for a lot of reasons, my home, my family, my country, but sports? These people are insane…

  20. hmichaelh says:

    No more Ravens Football for that Ravens fan. He should be permanently banned from all future games for life. Where did he think he was? In Philadelphia? That’s the kind of behavior you get from Eagles Fans.