ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced several programs to target violent crime and gangs in Baltimore City.

Hogan announced Tuesday that he will open a Violent Crime Joint Operations Center in Baltimore City.

This center will house a strikeforce of 200 law enforcement personnel from various federal, state and local agencies. The group will target violent crime, gangs and repeat offenders.

Seven different federal, state and local agencies from the DES, ATF, Baltimore Police, Homeland Security, FBI, U.S. Marshall and the Maryland State Police will join forces to combat city crime.

Hogan also announced that he would be helping the city police hire and recruit more officers with additional state funding to help attract people to join the BPD.

Project Exile, a federal program to target repeart offenders, will also be expanded with additional state funding. This would mean repeat offenders would be tried in federal courts under federal law in hopes to keeping them off the streets.

According to Baltimore Police, 60 percent of the people who violent gun laws are not given a significant amount of time in jail and repeat crime over and over again.

Hogan added that part of his plan is to create a two-pronged attack, beginning with working toward processing gun crime as federal gun crime in federal courts, and also to possibly change the state law for mandatory minimums on gun crimes.

“The federal mandatory sentences are ten years, if we can process them on federal gun crimes and federal courts, we can put them in jail rather than a slap on the wrist with Baltimore City judges and without mandatory sentences with prosecutions here in the city,” Hogan said. “They are undermanned, not enough prosecutors to handle all these cases, and we ask them, ‘What, how could they do more of them,’ and they said they need more manpower, so we’re paying for them. That was a request from U.S. Attorney.”

This two-pronged attack he cites would work toward repeat gun crime offenders in the state of Maryland.

“But in addition to that, and we’re gonna cross-designate some prosecutors here in the city so they can prosecute under federal law, but in addition to that- we’re trying to change the state law so our mandatory sentences match federal law so that we can prosecute them here under Maryland law and get the exact same ten-year mandatory minimum for repeat gun crimes,” Hogan added.

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  1. Thank you Governor Hogan for stepping in to save our city! The mayor NEVER had handle on it saying things were better citing a reduction in violent crimes and murders and as we all know that is just not the case when you have a 65 yr old grandmother murdered sitting on her front porch, children being murdered and shot down while playing in their yards and sitting in cars, college student in Federal Hill just starting his life murdered , hard working mother getting off work shot in the head for her car, sisters brutally murdered in their own home on a home invasion I could go on and on endlessly…One is to many mayor over 300 AGAIN is OFF the charts!

  2. This is the reality mayor not you usual rhetoric!

  3. Now Governor if you could just please do something for the general motoring public trying to get to their jobs but being accosted by juviniles and adults at intersections for money and window cleaning. Mind you these are the most dangerous heavily traveled intersections in the state. The mayor refuses to do anything to stop this dangerous activity, citing one child hit by a car moving thru traffic to wash windows and innocent citizens cars being damaged, DO YOU THINK THAT IS A WISE MOVE??.

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