BALTIMORE (WJZ) — TSA at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport closed a checkpoint early Saturday due to excessive callouts.

Officials said they were exercising a contingency plan and Checkpoint A closed at 5:35 p.m. An advisory on the TSA Twitter page urged passengers to arrive early for updates.

On Wednesday BWI airport workers held a rally to show their solidarity with TSA workers who were not getting paid because of the government shutdown.

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As of Wednesday, TSA reported 7.6 percent of its 51,000 employees called out sick, causing hangups at other major airports including Miami, Washington Dulles and Houston Bush- and a domino effect of worry for those flying out of BWI as the shutdown continues on.

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  1. Did you know the TSA didn’t exist before 9/11 ?
    Since it was an inside job anyway it’s pretty safe to say the TSA would not have prevented it anyway.

    1. Roger Russell says:

      Let the local people handle it, let the airlines handle it, let anyone handle it that is more flexible and can treat the travelers with more respect and dignity.

  2. This is what you get when you give government a job to do. The airlines need to control their own security and the air traffic controllers should have been made obsolete by technology decades ago

  3. Al Clark says:

    Checkpoint A is normally closed-Fake NEWS

  4. Off Roader says:

    Great, get rid of the stupid TSA it is just ridiculous. I once got on the place with pepper spray I forgot in my bag.

  5. Robert Leon says:

    Foreign travelers HATE our TSA. No other civilized country has anything as clumsy, abusive, and generally stupid. Israel’s security system, and they are a major target for terrorists, is cheaper, simpler, and one hundred per cent effective. Most of what they do is to prevent law suits, which is why Swiss grandmothers get frisked as often as nervous young Arabs flying on a one way cash ticket.

    1. “…which is why Swiss grandmothers get frisked as often as nervous young Arabs flying on a one way cash ticket.”

      Don’t you mean, “…which is why Swiss grandmothers get frisked more often than nervous young Arabs flying on a one way cash ticket.”?

  6. Mark Mach says:

    Good. Close it and let passengers use Reagan in DC. This line is usually closed anyway. BTW, what is a “callout”? It seems pretty important not to be defined in the “report”. The TSA days are numbered.

    1. Dan Thomas says:

      The passengers know what to do with terrorists who actually make it onto a plane. They can also enforce acceptable behavior instead of diverting to other airports. Just give the flight attendants zip ties. Get rid of TSA.

  7. I hope those that call in also get docked their pay for not showing up. They don’t get full payment if they miss work

  8. Privatize Everything.

    Start with the easy stuff. Like airport security.

  9. Jay Barbieri says:

    TSA: a job for people too stupid to get into the police academy. And THAT, is stupid indeed.

    1. Dan Purcell says:

      Nicely put, brevity is often best.

  10. Dan Purcell says:

    Fire the lot of them…the Border Patrol and Coast Guard aren’t getting sick and calling in. What a bunch of government job hire program pvssies, we survived the firing of Air Traffic Controllers…fire all of them and we will survive this.

  11. Coming back from Boise, Idaho almost 15 years ago I was in line to get on a small airplane, with a blond haired grandma in a wheelchair from the Midwest, two whiter than white teen girls, myself with a computer case and overnight bag since I was working with an industrial designer there, and a Middle Eastern man with a robe and headgear I kid you not.

    The TSA pulled the grandma and teen girls for questioning. They went through.

    They had me sit in a chair with my feet on marked spots and I was told not to move or I would be arrested. They searched my bags and found nothing of course. They spent an hour questioning me which I showed them the drawings for some products (cleaning mops etc.) and all the paperwork since I had nothing to hide. I got stern warnings.

    When I finally got on board I was sitting next to the Muslim man who went through without a question.

    So why are Americans molested, detained and treated like SH&* when oddballs (Boise doesn’t see many Middle Easterners) are not even stopped and questioned?

    Disgusting. Shut it all down. Issue firearms to all the American citizens capable of carrying and they can take care of any terrorists.

  12. I was coming back from Costa Rica on Friday and all the TSA seemed good for was harassing people who bought alcohol in the duty-free shops at the airport. Some peoples such as mine were declared fine and others weren’t …..I’m glad they are keeping us safe from Rum/Wine from foreign countries which the govt couldn’t tax….along with fingernail clippers and tweezers.

  13. malice420dotcom says:

    TSA was a Bush and friends scam to make millions off scanning equipment as well as a union scam.
    Let it roll like before 911 and let the chips fall where they may.
    Democrats don’t care about American life and want every mothers son in town.

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