BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Mark Andrews is a 6’6″, 256 lbs human being. His larger than life frame can be seen from a block away.

Even though the Ravens won’t be in the Super Bowl, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of him thanks to a new kind of team.

After a third-round selection in the NFL draft, Mark Andrews’ life changed forever- now a member of a proud fraternity of men.

“It was just incredible,” Andrews said. “There was just so much hard work and a lot went into it from my family, to my friends all throughout the way. It just kind of boiled down to that one moment,”

After a great rookie season, and producing over 30 catches for 500 yards, his identity reaches beyond  the game.

He spoke to WJZ about his battle with Type 1 diabetes.

He is one of the 12 NFL stars who owe their lives to first responders answering the call. It is a new campaign from Verizon. The telecommunications giant highlights real stories including Andrews’, who have had life-changing experiences with first responders.

In Andrews’ freshman year back in 2014, he was in his dorm room and his blood sugar dropped. His roommate went to check on him while he was taking a nap.

His eyes were open, however he was unconscious.

“It’s kind of an unreal experience. I don’t remember anything like going to bed and taking a nap and falling under and being unconscious. The only thing- you wake up with a bunch of random people and first responders and your first reaction is, ‘Is this real life? Am I dreaming?’ and then you kind of have to snap yourself back into it and pinch yourself and say these guys are first responders. They’re here to help,” Andrews said.

Now, the rookie from Oklahoma will be featured Super Bowl Sunday. Instead of with the Ravens, it’ll be via a commercial called, “The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here,”.

Andrews said he knows if it weren’t for first responders, he wouldn’t be here either.

“I would say I’m blessed,” Andrews said.

He said he thanks God every day for another chance to live. His story is remarkable.

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By Max McGee


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