By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Well that 71° yesterday was quite a treat, and you’re welcome. Oh, not for the warm afternoon, but rather for me not putting my convertible roof down. Last year we had a very mild late February day. I lowered the roof, took a picture, and posted on social media. Then March went straight to Hades. I take full responsibility. I hexed us big time. Jinx Hall of Fame. This is legit, and for real.

I was dying to take the roof down yesterday. And DID NOT just because of superstition. I’m kind of like that. There is just no need to throw shade at Mother Nature. So you are welcome.

Today some later showers, and cooler with a high of 48° expected. But back to near 60° tomorrow. But even today enjoy a cooler high temp 5° above normal. Savor what we have because we know it just won’t last. Why? Well clearly because someone took their roof down and doomed us all. They will learn as have I.


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