BALTIMORE (AP) – Maryland lawmakers will consider once again a proposal to create safe drug consumption sites for opioid users, something no other U.S. state has.

The Daily Record of Baltimore reports the pilot program would authorize safe injection sites where people could use opioids near trained staffers who help if there’s an overdose.

There were 1,648 opioid-related deaths in Maryland through the first nine months of 2018, an increase of nearly 10 percent from 2017.

Sen. Brian Feldman introduced the legislation last year and again last week before the Senate Finance Committee.

Last year, the committee passed the bill, then reconsidered and rejected it.

Sen. Kathy Klausmeier says legislators need to amplify the good the legislation could do because she still hears from constituents who accuse her of selling drugs based on last year’s bill.

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  1. That’s just plain CRAZY!! You people are NUTS!! YEAH just give them more reasons to do drugs!! You IDIOTS are very much a part of the PROBLEM SMH at your total stupid ideas!

  2. The liberal leaders of these city are destroying what little of it is left! Just turn it all over to the druggies and the armed HOODRATS and call it a day!!

  3. Have you EVER heard the term ENABLERS?? It’s a term the recovery specialists use for people like you IDIOTS!! Well I think I have seen and heard it all now Let’s put all the druggies in a room watch them shoot up and party, we will then babysit you to make sure you poor baby’s are safe and sound so YOU can start ALL OVER again in a couple hours. This is NOT to be BELIEVED???????????????

  4. Jason Baranowski says:

    this is just plan stupid, this state is just getting destroyed by this type of thinking. Let make a safe place for people to do illegal drugs and give them help if they are stupid enough OD.

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