BALTIMORE (WJZ) — From legalizing marijuana to upping the minimum wage, a new Goucher poll reveals where Marylanders fall on a variety of progressive issues across the state.

“We call all across the state. We take a random sample of cell phones and landlines. This time we ended up with 808 complete interviews,” said Mileah Kromer, with Goucher Poll.

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A major takeaway- most Marylander’s back Democrats’ agenda in the general assembly, and are leaning left.

67 percent of those polled support a $15 minimum wage. Local leaders pressed the issue with legislators in Annapolis earlier this month.

“Again, there is nothing more important, we think, than improving poverty in our cities, in our counties,” said Mayor Catherine Pugh.

Results also show 57 percent support legalization of recreational marijuana.

But poll director, Dr. Mileah Kromer said when it comes to cannabis, age matters.

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“Particularly on this issue, the legalization of marijuana, you see around 70 percent of those individuals — millennials — those age 18 to 34 are supportive of the legalization. Now, that also includes some people from Generation X,” Kromer said.

The poll also found 66 percent support raising the age for tobacco sales to 21-years-old. 63 percent support a statewide ban on Styrofoam containers and 62 percent support the aid-in-dying bill- a controversial measure which would give terminally ill patients the choice to end their lives.

Now in its fourth attempt, hearings are underway.

“I’m supporting this bill because I have stage-four metastatic breast cancer that has moved to my liver and my lungs,” said Marcy Gray Rubin.

Whether Marylanders polled opinions become law is now up to the legislators they elected.

The results of another poll come out Tuesday, focusing on Marylander’s perception of our state and federal governments, and whether Marylanders think Gov. Hogan should run for president.

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