Hi Everyone!

As we say here in Studio A it is Friday Eve! Thursday in the big town. 51° and Partly Sunny in the Bronx for the O’s season opener. 61° and partly sunny this afternoon as we watch or listen. To be honest there is not a ton, weather wise going on. Not all bad news to be sure.

On calm weather day’s I always find time for some random thoughts;

It is starting to smell like Spring. Occasionally I get a whiff of a flowering plant or tree. Just a whiff.

Pollen has not made my car or nose it’s home yet.

Can actually Chesapeake Bay crabs be far behind? ( I just got a mental whiff of those!)

Soon it will be time to rearrange the closet putting sweaters on the top shelf and the collation of Tee’s within easier reach on the bottom

And finally how long until the first Mosquito bite? (Eww I just got a mental whiff of bug spray.)

It’s Friday eve, the eve of the last weekend before those March winds bring April showers. And all is calm in Studio A. Hopefully in your “Studio A” too.

A final thought. Feel free to post any of your Spring random thoughts in the comments section. We like reading them.



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