BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Tourism brings millions of dollars to Baltimore, and Visit Baltimore is promoting different neighborhoods to get more tourists to see different areas.

“We want to push people out to Remington, Hamden, Canton, Federal Hill, Mount Royal, to really see all the great things that are happening,” Al Hutchison, of Visit Baltimore, said.

To push tourists to different locations throughout the city, Visit Baltimore is spending $400,000 in advertisements.

On Harford Road in Lauraville, tourists can visit Annie Howe Papercuts, a studio that teaches a variety of workshops.

“I not only do papercutting, but I teach workshops,” Annie Howe said. “It’s a skill that can be taught in a couple of hours.”

Howe’s textures are featured in the Visit Baltimore “Meet the Makers” campaign in hopes that visitors will stop by her studio.

Visit Baltimore said that it wants ambassadors of Baltimore to be from Baltimore.

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  1. What tourist in their right mind would want to visit a city so ridden with violent crimes, murders and shootings every single day and if they make it thru that then they can see first hand of all the swarms of panhandlers and tent city’s as they travel around Baltimore city and most are just blocks from any tourist location or have their cars damaged by the deplorable conditions of ALL the roads in the ENTIRE city … OH BOY that’s a vacation everyone needs to plan for! SMH

  2. Sings volumes as to the ongoing demise of this city at the hands of our DEMOCRATIC LEADERS no one else to blame but them they have been running the show for to many years! I challenge the leaders of this city to get in their cars and travel around the city any given time to see what the tourist are REALLY seeing and experiencing, FYI you will need a front end alignment on your car when your done and seeing the panhandlers begging for money at EVERY single intersection that’s a real treat! Rest assure it’s not pretty! So come visit this once great city of Baltimore…

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