By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A sight I was not prepared for greeted me as I walked in from vacation at 4 a.m. today. Meteorologist Tim Williams, and Meg McNamara, were standing here in Studio A after being on duty, (and on the air) overnight through those violent storms that raked across the area. And believe me they were in here for good reason.

I woke up at one point to the sound of hail hitting my home. Hail is a legit indication of severe weather. It takes a large thunderstorm to get them to form. At that point I figured something was up. The dog laying on the bed shaking like a leaf also got my attention. Nature knows.

Advisories began dropping as the line of storms moved offshore. As of this writing it appears we may have lucked out. As the day dawns we will see what type of damage may have occurred. Violent thunderstorms and tornadoes are not rare here but not common either. If you have just moved to the region understand this may happen once, or twice a Spring/Summer season, but that is it. What came by last night was almost Mid-West like in its severity. All gone now but the winds setting up for this afternoon may cause their own damage with gusts up to 45 mph expected.

I point all of this out because there are two sides to every story. One in the Spring is the awakening of nature. The other is the return, of the threat, of severe weather. Natures alpha and omega. Undeniable.


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