GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJZ) — A man was killed in Glen Burnie on Monday, and court documents suggest the victim feared for his safety.

Glen Burnie Fatal Shooting Suspect In Custody After 9-Hour Manhunt, Police Say

A petition for a peace order detailed the threats the murder suspect in the case allegedly levied against the eventual murder victim, but the order was denied by a judge.

The petition for a peace order was filed just two months ago and lays out why Tyrique Hudson, the victim, was concerned for his safety.

Hudson was an employee at Northrop Grumman, a software engineer assigned to their Annapolis site. He joined the company in August 2018.

Angela Shields, his manager, describes him as “a bright, promising engineer” and that “He had enthusiasm to tackle any assignment, incredible skill to solve any problem put in front of him and willingness to help anyone,”

Hudson said his downstairs neighbor, James Verombeck, threatened him as he was taking out the trash, gesturing a throat slash.

“Yesterday, it looked like a war zone,” Donna Hall said.

Police said that Verombeck killed Hudson in the stairway of their apartment building before a 10-hour standoff with officers.

“Just a single, phew, phew, phew, phew,” a neighbor said. “Just single shots. It was a couple of shots.”

Longtime friends of Hudson are mourning their loss.

“It hurt me to my heart,” Stephanie Lamb, a lifelong friend of Hudson, said. “I just could not believe it. I still can’t believe it today.”

The peace order request was denied by Judge Patterson Russell, citing that Hudson could not meet the burden of proof.

“I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that it was denied,” Hall said. “The poor boy was 22-years-old and lost his life.”

Russell is on a temporary assignment in Anne Arundel County as the court of appeals decides whether she should be suspended following a complaint from the commission on judicial disabilities.

“I think if they would’ve given him the protective order, that boy would still be alive,” Halen Larkins said.

The Maryland Judiciary said on Wednesday the court of appeals will rule on Judge Russell’s suspension by September.

Russell will remain serving in Anne Arundel County until then.

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Paul Gessler

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  1. That judge needs to be held accountable, sued and removed from the bench! How do you sleep at night judge?? I bet just fine, that victims blood is SOLELY on your hands! We need to start holding judges accountable for the stupid dangerous decisions !! For GOD sake they are judges NOT GODS!!

  2. They need TERM LIMITS on judges also! Officer Amy Caprio would be alive today if the judge did their job and put that murdering thug back in jail when they were advised he was not following his terms of release and even terrorizing innocent citizens, even his OWN MOTHER beg the courts to revoke his bond! Just another judge turning the SAME criminals loose on the innocent public! Then collect their paycheck go home to their gated communities while we are left at the mercy of the same dangerous thugs over and over and over over on the worthless judicial merry go round!!

  3. John Kennedy says:

    To the family I say that I am sorry for your loss. However to the comment writers I must say a peace order is not a bullet proof vest. The thug that shot Tyrone did not seem to care about capital murder. Why would he care about a peace order ?

    Was the apartment management aware of any complaints lodged by either party ? Did they know the severity of this feud ? The apartment complex should have relocated Tyrone into another building since he was using his hard earned money to pay his rent every month. Sound like Tyrone’s family has two good lawsuits to consider: One against the Property manager and one against the liberal politicians who appoint judges who don’t keep thugs off the streets.

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