Hi Everyone!


The end of the week! I could think of a better way to slide into the weekend than with the threat of severe weather, but that is our reality today. We’ve been discussing this possibility for a couple of days.

Well the day is here. Just stay on point. Thunderstorms, wind,( and such), always gets headlines but it is heavy rain over a long period of time that I think might be as big of an issue.

We know all too well how rain can impact places like Ellicott City, I- 95 or any other road, and the Bay itself with debris washed in. Gonna be one of those type events.

Let’s move beyond today for a quick bit and talk about Easter Sunday. We have added a bit of sun to the outlook. “Showers Around” is the sub headline but no big downpours expected and the showers will be more scattered than widespread. A little bit of good news.

Time to get going today. Stay on point and hit up wjz.com for updates through the afternoon.

T.G.I.F.,..ain’t it the TRUTH!!



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