By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — 84°. That is a mid-June normal daytime high. Heck today’s forecast high of 74° is the normal high around Preakness. A good run of temperatures has me thinking about…..SNOW BALLS!

Stands are opening up, lines of kids after school are starting to show up, and the first snow ball of the year social media posts are hitting the feeds. As sure a sign of warm weather as obvious as any flower opening up, or the birds and the bee’s themselves! Mango..that might end up being my go to flavor for the Summer. And you?

It will be a bit breezy this day not real great news for those dealing with seasonal allergies. That is about the only negative today. A raspberry snow ball works too. How many of you like the flavor simply known as “blue?”

Enjoy this mild mid-week, looks like the week, itself, will end wet on Friday but clearing is expected for Saturday and most of Sunday. We will discuss that further tomorrow. Time now to finish and get in line before school lets out.



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