BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Agents from the FBI Baltimore Office and the IRS Criminal Division executed court-authorized search warrants at Mayor Catherine Pugh’s house and City Hall, among other locations, Thursday morning. Five locations in total were in the search warrant. The fed also served a subpoena to a 6th location. Here’s a list of all the locations and why they were part of the federal investigation.

City Hall

Several agents walked into City Hall Thursday morning and left with boxes throughout the morning. City Solicitor Andre Davis said the search was contained to Mayor Pugh’s office in the second-floor suites. This includes City Council president’s office, the city comptroller’s office and councilmembers’ offices.

Credit: Mike Hellgren/WJZ

Pugh’s Current Home

FBI and IRS agents were seen raiding the mayor’s home on Ellamont Avenue early Thursday morning, at one point an agent walked into Pugh’s home with a case of water. They left with more than 12 boxes of items from her home.

Baltimore police officer stand outside the house of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh in Baltimore, MD., Thursday, April 25, 2019. Agents with the FBI and IRS are gathering evidence inside the two homes of Pugh and also in City Hall. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Pugh’s Second Home

Her previous home, on Dennlyn Avenue in Northwest Baltimore, was lined with yellow tape. This address is tied with her Healthy Holly franchise.

Agents were seen carrying out two large boxes earlier Thursday morning.

Catherine Pugh’s second home

Maryland Center For Adult Training: 

Agents also arrived at Maryland Center for Adult Training, one of Pugh’s businesses. She once led the program at the MCAT building. The three Pugh staffers fired Wednesday by acting Mayor Jack Young sat on the board of MCAT from 2017 to 2019.

The webpage has been deleted from the training centers website, but is available via internet archive- and lists the mayor as chair emeritus.

Our media partner the Baltimore Sun reports MCAT has received thousands of dollars from the city to operate.

Maryland Center For Adult Training

Gary Brown Jr.’s Home: 

One of her aides, Gary Brown Jr. Brown was fired Wednesday by Acting Mayor Jack Young. Pugh stood by Brown in 2017 when he pled guilty to a campaign finance crime tied to her 2016 mayoral campaign.

The fed visited a sixth location today, but it was not a part of the raid.

FBI and IRS agents served a subpoena for original financial records belonging to the mayor at Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White, LLC, her attorney’s office, but it was not a raid

Her attorney said the requested documents had previously been sequestered from all other client matters of the firm and were not commingled with any of the firm’s other clients’ information or documents.

They said the agents were directed to the sequestered area with the mayor’s documents and the firm complied with the subpoena.

“There was no ‘raid’ of the firm as reported in the media and the agents did not conduct a search of the firm. The agents also did not seek or obtain any attorney-client privileged communications with the Mayor, or any other information or documents from the firm or its clients. The agents were polite and courteous and the process was conducted in an expeditious and professional manner,” They said in their statement.

“We will continue to vigorously defend the Mayor, who is entitled the presumption of innocence,” They concluded.

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  1. Not surprised Young will not make a statement about Pugh he is one many city hall’s democratic puppets! Remember that’s her buddy! The long time ongoing democratic corruption in Baltimore City govt is obvious, well known and is no secret by any means, they think they are above accountability, time to follow the path of democratic corruption, root it out and expose those involved and throw them in jail! NO ONE is exempt and all are need to be scrutinized!

  2. FYI NO statement makes you appear to condone or hide something, either you don’t care or that’s the reality! Either way it’s UGLY and unfair to the citizens of this city! At least all the other politicians in this state have had the backbone to stand up and call for the Mayor to resign, BUT YOU!! SHAME ON YOU!!

  3. The rambling statement from her attorney was comical, I was waiting for him to hold up the same baby bibs with smiley faces as she did in her last rambling interview I REALLY thought he was going to, it was like watching her… YEAH we believe you! SMH!!

  4. Get a load of YOUNG he is now in charge of running this city, that’s SCARY! He is calling this an “EPISODE” shows how he has NO idea of the seriousness or what is at stake here or the damage to this city. Just an “EPISODE” to him! WOW!!! FYI the FBI does not get involved along with the IRS and have probable cause to obtain search warrants and spend federal dollars to investigate “EPISODES” SMH!! HOLY COW!! WOW!!

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