BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Four members of the “Murdaland Mafia Piru” Bloods gang were convicted on federal racketeering, drug conspiracies and related charges after a six-week trial.

Below is a list of those who were convicted:

  • Dante Bailey, 40, of Windsor Mill
  • Jamal Lockley, 40, of Baltimore
  • Corloyd Anderson, 36, of Owings Mills
  • Shakeen Davis, 24, of Baltimore

According to evidence presented at the trial, Murdaland Mafia Piru (MMP) controlled drug trade in large swaths of northwest Baltimore City and neighboring Baltimore County.

MMP’s members enriched themselves through drug trafficking, and other criminal activities according to evidence presented at the trial.

According to trial testimony, one of the founding principles of the gang was a rule against cooperation with law enforcement.

Violations of this rule were punishable by death.

MMP members also enhanced their status within the gang by carrying out acts of violence against rivals.

MMP members used social media to assert the gang’s claim to particular drug territories, intimidate rival gangs and drug traffickers, enhance MMP’s status and enhance members’ status within the gang.

MMP members and associates posted photographs and videos to social media in which they showed firearms and threatened to kill those who stood in the way of the gang.

The evidence proved that members and associates of MMP participated in the gang’s affairs through a pattern of racketeering activities, including murder, extortion, witness tampering and retaliation and drug distribution.

On February 12, 2015, Bailey murdered James Edwards for showing disloyalty to the gang. He shot Edwards to death in the 300 block of Collins Avenue.

On May 30, 2015, Davis attempted to murder two rivals in the 5200 block of Windsor Mill Road, firing multiple rounds at them with an assault rifle in broad daylight at a busy intersection.

In September 2017, while in pretrial custody, Bailey caused a letter to be mailed to a co-conspirator that directed the murder of a co-defendant who was cooperating with law enforcement.

ATF Special Agents recovered the hit letter from the co-conspirator’s residence, as well as a recently purchased firearm.

Bailey faces a mandatory life sentence for murder in aid of racketeering. Lockley, Anderson and Davis each face a maximum of life in prison for the racketeering and drug conspiracies.

Lockley faces a mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison for drug conspiracy. Anderson faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison for possession of a firearm by a felon. Davis faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison for drug conspiracy.


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