BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Jack Young spent his first full day as the Mayor of Baltimore keeping tabs on the city from a conference in Detroit.

Young will likely get a formal swearing-in next week, and he said one of his biggest priorities will be reducing violence.

Mayor Young has been praised by City Council members for providing a steady hand for Baltimore in a whirlwind of controversy surrounding former Mayor Catherine Pugh.

“You will notice, if you haven’t already, a change in documentation and all the sometimes trivial things that denote a government,” City Solicitor Andre Davis said.

While Young was at a conference in Detroit, the same challenges persisted in Baltimore, including violent crime.

On Biddle Street in east Baltimore, four people were shot including an 18-year-old woman.

Later on Friday night, five people were shot, including two children and three adults.

“Being that it is experienced every day, the people of the city are just so jaded that it doesn’t even matter,” Karen Fleming-Barrow a Baltimore resident said.

Fleming-Barrow also had a message for the new mayor.

“I think the people are really tired of lip service so to speak,” she said. “Don’t keep saying watch you’re going to do, show us.”

Young spoke about violent crime after a shooting at a cookout in west Baltimore.

“We all have a part to play in this,” Young said. “The stop snitching mentality in Baltimore has got to stop.”

Residents believe that the community and elected officials need to come together to address violent crimes.

“It can’t just be one person attempting to fix a problem,” Fleming-Barrow said. “If you stand back and you look at it and you try to take on the whole job at one time, nothing is going to go.”


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  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    Nothing will change. Killings every day. Millionaire police chief. Part time city council that gets full time pay. Lucrative pensions and benefits for elected/appointed for minimum service. Taxes and fee’s through the roof ” with more coming “. Nothing will change until the political party changes and The Good Ole’ Boys Club losses it grip on city hall. More speed and red light camera’s. When it fend for yourself. this just off the top of my head. Please, others continue

  2. nother prestigious award for the Democrats of Baltimore city! Here are a few others! Really racking them up aren’t you?? Lets see: #2 for violent crimes and murders…#16 for filthiest city…#14 Worst city’s to live in…22% below the poverty line(9.7 is the standard) As of 1/15/19 worst city in the nation for bed bug infestations. (NICE) Democratic corruption, violent drug and turf wars…Huge shortages in Baltimore’ city police dept personnel due to relocating to other agencies outside the city..,Resident population is at an all time low due to people leaving in
    This is just the tip of the iceberg, when you put it in black and white it’s a real eye opener!! NO known plans or goals in place to fix ANY of this. I can’t say enough, the long time democratic leaders are the SOLE blame for the demise and it’s continuing spiraling downfall of this once great city. You can try and make excuses all day long but this is the OBVIOUS reality about this city and why we are in this situation today. AND NOW the city democratic leaders are scrambling to do DAMAGE CONTROL All I can say is GOD help us!!
    The Baltimore city public schools students are academically well below the national standard… Pretty Ugly and and down right pitiful that it EVER got this way! Just another disparaging record for the democratic leaders of Baltimore city! YEAH you wanna keep voting them in alright that will fix everything… SMH

  3. Look at YOUR city Mayor they are gunning down your babies and children, “really moving” forward with this city! YEAH!! Baltimore is in the hands of HOODRATS!!!

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