BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City Hall government servers have been infected by a ransomware virus that government officials said is spreading throughout their network.

Mayor Jack Young released a statement confirming the issue.

“Baltimore City core essential services (police, fire, EMS and 311) are still operational but it has been determined that the city’s network has been infected with a ransomware virus. City employees are working diligently to determine the source and extent of the infection. At this time, we have seen no evidence that any personal data has left the system. Out of an abundance of precaution, the city has shut down the majority of its servers. We will provide updates as information becomes available.”


He said at this time no personal data has left their system.

Due to the current network issues, the Director of Public Works has suspended late water bill fees for City and County customers, DPW said in a tweet:

They later said employees of the City’s Finance Department are out front of the Abel Wolman Municipal building saying due to the network outage, they cannot conduct business or pay bills Tuesday with cash. They added that check and money orders only will work.

Newly sworn-in City Council president Brandon Scott tweeted a statement on the IT issues as well.

Michael Greenberger, a homeland security expert, said that the culprits are usually after money.

“Someone attacks the computer systems and encrypts all the data on it so that it’s unreadable and there you are stuck with your computer system and all your files,” Greenberger said.

In 2016, hackers took over MedStar Health’s database.

In March of last year, a similar attack compromised Baltimore’s 911 operations for more than 17 hours.

For this recent cyber take-over, one of the biggest inconvenience to residents has been not being able to pay bills.

“I tried to pay a couple of tickets and they said this billing has been shut down ever since 7 o’clock this morning,” one resident said.

Continue to stay with WJZ as more information becomes available. 

Ava-joye Burnett

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  1. Jerry Wi says:

    Meanwhile Trump want’s to spend money on a useless border wall. How about investing in protection for America’s electrical grid, banking networks, voting infrastructure and governmental networks? Yeah, you’re right that would make people hate one another.

    1. You don’t have a clue. Ransomware gets in because of idiots at workplaces. How do you want to address that?

    2. George Gervin says:

      You think the banks need more support from the government? What an idiotic thing to say..

    3. Rich Ellingson says:

      You are clueless. Try to step outside your Trump Derangement Syndrome for a moment and stay on topic. The vast majority of Municipal Governments have protected their networks and systems from this type of attack. The incompetent staff at Baltimore have been bent over twice now by this type of thing. Time for heads to roll. Outsource the management of these systems to a competent firm, fire everybody in the Department, stabilize operations, then take it back in, but hire based on competence, talent, and skill. Do not continue to hire based on some ill-conceived racial quota system.

    4. Joe Veritas says:

      Sure – it’s Trump’s fault that this s***h*** city that’s been pounded into the ground by libs for decades is so messed up. Get real Jerry

    5. Doug Day says:

      Ransomware Baltimore? That’s like holding Zimbabwe for hostage…who cares?

  2. You do realize that most folks aren’t on Twitter.

    1. Bailey Moad says:

      No, they are not. I’ve never used twitter or the other stuff out there. I talk, email and blog.

  3. Lew Irish says:

    Meanwhile the Democrats don’t see a border crisis and the US citizens are stuck with paying BILLIONS of dollars (for illegals) on border security, welfare, education, food stamps, housing, etc

  4. Richard John Stacy says:

    The universe is full of greatness, beauty, kindness, love, understanding, virtue, pride, opportunity, bravery, friendship, loyalty… and then there are Democrats. PLEASE vote Republican and put an end to this madness of catch and release.

  5. Bonnie Gray Smith says:

    “one of the biggest inconvenience to residents has been not being able to pay bills.”
    To many this will be like Marty Bass saying the cops can’t even get out in a snowstorm.

  6. Could this be the author of the “Healthy Holly” books exacting revenge?

  7. Christopher Perrien says:

    Another Rhodesia, what else is old.

  8. Mark Mach says:

    IT will happen eventually; Cut off the internet at the border. Declare bitcoin illegal.

  9. Big Mama says:

    Chocolate run city

  10. Paul Roberts says:

    City of Baltimore Ransomware problems ehhhhh? Try investing in the Information Technology department, boots on the ground, pay well, invest $$$$$$$ in your I.T. infrastructure don’t hire on Ethnic background but competency and you can keep the bugs out. Recycle your IT staff by contracting it out to the cheapest bidder, pay low wages, allow unrestricted access to employees to everywhere, don’t invest in the infrastructure, run an IT skeleton crew and Whooops!

    Am I supposed to feel sorry for the city? When the IT department treats employees like second class citizens with no value, no career, and a cost factor which is BS (Management is a cost factor) Every department costs unless you are making something to sell. But who is the first to get laid off? Information Technology. the only department that can protect you. We cannot protect from rotten decisions. Too bad sooo sad. Import more threats while you are at it.

  11. Mike Arvand says:

    baltimore was crippled the moment they elected a democrat

  12. HA!
    Some cromagnom working for Baltimorgue took the clickbait email and encrypted their entire hacked network.
    My guess is it was someone in HR.
    When you let the animals run the zoo, expect utter chaos.


  13. Bob Suyak says:

    Only dumba.s lackadaisical people people are subject to get a virus. Anyone who doesn’t have anti virus on their system is just f..king stupid and who runs (down) Baltimore? Dems!

  14. Tony Dean says:

    Love it – yet ANOTHER example of Baltimore’s incompetence. Let me guess – this was no doubt caused by….lack-of-opportunity-in-the-community.

  15. Can’t take cash??? There were cash registers LONG before computers. Even in bible times a business took cash. Somebody is just making an excuse not to do their job.

  16. Alan Abel says:

    Look at all the MESSES Baltimore is in as a RESULT of voting Democrat.
    You deserve what you get. LOL@your Corrupt Mayor and City and Dimms.

  17. Carl Mayo says:

    Meanwhile, the democrats REFUSE to punish the criminals who CREATE these computer viruses and SPREAD THEM to other computers.
    Crime is caused by INSUFFICIENT PUNISHMENT.
    Insufficient punishment is caused by DEMOCRATS.

  18. Lance Olsen says:

    One of the City employees probably got a e-mail from a billionaire in Moldova needing someone to give them access and a place to give them a safe haven for 10 million dollars.

  19. Fritz Vondago says:

    Aww another chocolate utopia is having computer problems, aren’t they special, bless their little hearts?