BALTIMORE (WJZ) — In the wake of a quintuple shooting, Mayor of Baltimore Jack Young met with neighbors in some of the city’s hardest hit areas as part of a violence reduction initiative.

Mayor Young met with neighbors in Pigtown on Wednesday as part of his violence reduction initiative.

Monica Crippen is one of several neighbors who joined Mayor Young in Pigtown in south Baltimore.

“Without them and us together there is definitely going to be no change,” Crippen said.

Mayor Young addressed plans to bring in resources to clean up the streets and crime.

“This crime is unreal,” Young said. “It’s unacceptable and we want to work together. We need the community, the elected leaders and the police to work together.”

In the past seven days, more than 20 people have been shot across Baltimore.

A 1- and 2-year-old were shot in the Carrollton Ridge neighborhood in south Baltimore on Friday.

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Police are still looking for two men in a silver Honda Accord and are offering a $15,000 reward for any information.

A case of road rage in Park Heights Tuesday left one man hospitalized with gunshot wounds to his back and leg.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said that he’s committed to keeping neighborhoods across the city safe.

“We’re putting as man resources in that area, making sure officers are staying in that area,” Harrison said. “Then we’re putting officers in other specialized units into those areas on a daily basis.”

Some neighbors were surprised to see the mayor but reminded him this is the reality that they face every day.

“It’s not even safe for little kids to play anymore,” a neighbor said. “Baltimore used to be a nice place to live, now it’s terrible. Everybody has to be scared just to sit on their steps.”

Kelsey Kushner

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  1. You bet crime the is unreal!! You can place ALL blame on your fellow GREEDY democrats for the demise and implosion of this city for letting it get this out of control because of the democratic greedy corrupt rule!l, NOW you want to do DEMOCRATIC DAMAGE CONTROL because of the years of TOTAL lack of leadership and GREEDY corrupt democrats haunting city hall! And now the idiot democratic voters are thinking of the thief and disgraced Dixon for 2020, you MORONS just don’t learn your lesson!

  2. Your a joke! The minute you leave the neighborhoods with your armed security detail the HOODRATS are locked and loaded and will be ready to resume where they left off UNCHECKED to roam freely to shoot up our city some more, just like your cease fires what a waste that was, look at all the bodies including babies piled up since the last useless cease fires, really worked HUH?? SMH at STUPIDITY! You can start by firing the city states attorney who is refusing to do her job letting law breakers go who break our laws sending a clear message by giving get out jail free cards when we need now more than ever to prosecute ALL who break out laws and show them they will be held ACCOUNTABLE for their crimes! Baltimore always will be a PIT of CRIME and CORRUPTION as long as the democrats liberals rule! Ashamed to live in this RAT HOLE called BALTIMORE city…

  3. Import 3rd world people, get 3rd world problems :shrug:

  4. Tickedoff Person says:

    Show the residence you have a pair Mr. Mayor. Go after hour’s in the same area WITHOUT YOUR ARMED GAURDS. Take the streets back, start the initiative. Show everyone your serious. Until then it’s all sweet talk like those before you. Go out every week to different area’s. Take the millionaire with you. Just the two of you. Show us how to handle it. Maybe your just a candy ass like all the other’s. City Hall has no idea what Baltimore is really like. You go to your top dollar functions, have your trips to Vegas to “think”, drivers, catered lunches and dinners, free tickets to all major events. Every one of you are walking through this city with your eye’s CLOSED.Let’s not forget about that very special pension system you have just for the elected/appointed. The one that is funded at 175%…Yeah that one! Full pension for minimum of four years taking up space. Oh yeah…just getting started… Nothing will change without DIFFERENT LEADERSHIP. VOTE REPUBLICAN . I love how this media outlet took down my post about Maryland the second best place to be a police officer. They took the entire article down just after a few hour’s. I spilled the beans on this city about retired police/firefighters and city hall.

  5. Kimm Anderson Lipka says:

    Why did he stop at Pigtown, He should have come up Washington Blvd. to Morrell Park where the crime in that area is getting ridiculous. He’s going to take care of the crime in Pigtown and more of the delinquents are going to make their way up to Morrell Park as they do whenever they do a clean up in Pigtown and Brooklyn areas!