BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It was a Mother’s Day gift several Baltimore mothers were not expecting- getting bailed out of jail.

Sunday, organizers with Baltimore’s Ceasefire 365 held a celebration for local mothers who were given the gift of freedom this holiday.

The coalition not only worked to free mothers but is also giving them support in the coming months.

This was the first of several events scheduled to show the mothers how much they are loved.

  1. This is how trashy Bmore has become, we have to celebrate people getting out of jail. This is pathetic. How about teaching mama’s to act right so they don;t get locked up in the first place. Perpetuating a parentless black America which is at the root of Baltimore’s issues.

    Goverment cronysim and a dirty ass police force aside… We as media, should demand better of our communcities and should not have to bite our tongue and see this dribble when real work needs to be done.