BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Repairs are in the final stages for 26th Street after a portion of the road collapsed in November.

Between Guilford Ave. and Calvert Street, along 26th Street, the Baltimore City Department of Transportation is replacing the damaged section of road, but some neighbors want more.

“We want to create a park here and make it a nice place where people can go and visit,” Kyle Fritz, a local, said.

Fritz teamed up with another local, Laura Flamm, to hand out fliers and survey the neighborhood about the plan to build a park.

The two even drew up plans to present during community meetings with the City Department of Transportation.

“We want this to be a gathering that can be a green place, a place that can really inspire the community,” Flamm said.

In a statement to WJZ, the City Department of Transportation said in part that they are, “working with the community impacted by the 26th Street wall failure,” and are, “allowing residents of this community to voice their concerns and wishes.”

But Fritz said that the City Department of Transportation is not listening to their wishes.

“We want more than the way it was because of all this inconvenience,” Fritz said. “Besides, resources are being spent, so we should get what the community wants.”

The City Department of Transportation said it is in the final phase of completing the project. It expects the work to be completed by the summer.

Kelsey Kushner


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