By Denise Koch

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Islam is the fastest growing religion in America and around the world.

For Muslims, it is the holiest month of the year; Ramadan.

“It’s a time where we remember to give back and kind of feel how it feels to feel closer to God and remember all the blessings that we’ve been blessed with,” Mumra Aqeel said.

During Ramadan, Muslims celebrate the month; a time they believe God revealed the Quran to Muhammad.

During Ramadan, Muslims rise before the sun to eat a light meal. They then fast for 14 hours until the sun sets.

“It’s something that the Muslim community and individuals really look forward to,” Haris Ansari said. “It’s something that comes from their heart. It’s a time when we find ourselves connecting with God more because we’re starving our bodies but we’re feeding our soul with God.”

Ramadan ends Monday, June 3, when Muslims feast and celebrate with friends and family and often decorate their homes and exchange gifts.

  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    Isn’t it customary to throw yourself off of a roof somewhere, blow yourself up, bad mouth the U.S.A. during this time?

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