By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Gotta get serious with today’s blog. Thunderstorms in the forecast. Let’s be honest. If we do not see even one thunderstorms today it won’t break too many hearts. But when I came in this morning and saw an “enhanced” risk of severe weather now dropping as far south, into the state, as Annapolis I perked up.

I always caution you not to get hung up I the descriptive words as any thunderstorm can be a problem. But it is not too often we see the “enhanced” possibility here. So my point is stay “on point”  this afternoon.

The first indication of issues will be if thunderstorms start to blow up in the Appalachians and begin to head east. I received the following from our weather partners at Accu-Weather this morning, “Any thunderstorm will have the potential to bring damaging wind gusts and hail..”

Behind this weather is a cooler and less humid day tomorrow with a nice late Spring breezy around. Let’s just not overlook the next 12 hours. All will be fine I am hoping, just stay aware. Cool?



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