ANNAPOLIS (WJZ) — Maryland becomes the second state in the country to ban styrofoam food containers.

Governor Hogan allowed the bill to become law without his signature.

It prohibits restaurants, grocery stores and other food providers from using styrofoam containers because of their harmful impact on the environment.

Styrofoam doesn’t break down and often ends up in the Chesapeake Bay or in the ocean. The ban goes into effect next year.

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  1. The idiocy of this state is epic! Instead of addressing those who litter, we now all must suffer without the benefits of inexpensive food insulation which makes our food more susceptible to bacteria growth. Idiots!!

  2. Oh, and rocks and dirt don’t break down either, want to ban those?!?! Buh bye maryland. I’d like to say it’s been good…

    1. Rocks and dirt do break down though, and 3rd grader could tell you that, and they aren’t toxic. Fact is this there’s other options for inexpensive food storage that aren’t as harmful, and economically speaking, preservation of the bay is good for our seafood industry. The benefits of banning styrofoam are bipartisan

      1. Styrofoam is non-toxic. Please look it up, that it breaks down slowly and is resistant to acids is precisely why it is non-toxic. Target people who litter, the rest goes into a landfill and in the long run will get subducted just like all the other stable rocks and dirt. Stop drinking the kool-aid and wake up! Sure we could all live in mud huts wearing renewable hemp clothing, but I’ll keep the 20th and 21st century, thanks. You backwards people can do your thing, stop taking my useful freedoms.

      2. Oh, and the paper / cardboard food containers are terrible – they suck the liquid out of my food and don’t insulate nearly as well as styrofoam. Too, a cup of coffee in a paper cup has about a 10 minute window of being drinkable, too hot then too cold much too quickly. I live in the space age, you can keep your iron age.

      3. And lastly, I do not deserve to lose freedoms because some segment of our society is unable or unwilling to figure out how to properly dispose of their trash. Me, and crucially, my tax dollars are leaving this overbearing nanny state. I’m not alone. Good luck MD. If you reply, you have the last word sir or ma’am.

  3. Steve Pavlosky says:

    Well the new demand for paper ought wipe out that Rain forest in Brazil….

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