BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A dolphin was found dead in the Inner Harbor Wednesday.

The National Aquarium in Baltimore confirmed to WJZ that the dolphin died.

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[WARNING: Some may find the photos below graphic.]

Credit: Joseph Johnson/ Facebook

Credit: Joseph Johnson/ Facebook

Aquarium Officials said that the dolphin was found in the Canton waterfront area and that they are working under the direction of NOAA and in partnership with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Aquarium Officials said they, “believe this Risso’s dolphin is most likely the dolphin that was spotted swimming irregularly in the same area on May 9.”

National Aquarium Will ‘Not Intervene’ With Dolphin In Distress Found In Inner Harbor

Earlier this month, a dolphin was seen in distress in the harbor. At that time, aquarium officials said they would monitor the dolphin and not rescue it.

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“Due to the fact the dolphin is swimming in a deep, large body of water, attempting to rescue the calf would be dangerous to both human responders and the calf,” the aquarium said.

Credit: John Papadakis

Officials said that they had worked with fellow partners to develop a plan to respond if the dolphin had became stranded in a shallow inlet or accessible location.

Although the aquarium has a rehabilitation center, it does not rehab dolphins. They would have taken this dolphin to a center in Florida.

Officials from the National Aquarium released a statement in part, saying:

“Although rare, unfortunately, this is a reality of our work in the field of animal rescue, and as you can imagine this is heartbreaking for our team that spends each and every day caring for and rehabilitating animals.”

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The Department of Natural Resources is currently on its way to retrieve the dolphin and conduct an examine.