BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Police Department is investigating an allegation of sexual assault that involved an unnamed member of the department.

Police spokesman Matt Jablow confirmed 115 patrol vehicles have been pulled from the streets of Baltimore amid the investigation.

He confirmed a woman reported the assault on Sunday, but did not say it had happened in a patrol car, but she had been inside one at some point.

BPD’s spokesman said investigators will not be processing all of the cars for evidence, but are holding them. He said he expected many to be released back into service “relatively soon,” and that the department has 415 patrol cars in total.

Chopper 13 was over a scene where you could see a number of police cars at the Southeastern District with police tape on them.

Brittany Oliver is the founder of Not Without Black Women, an advocacy group to end gender violence.

“Baltimore police had one of the highest rates of untested rape kits in the country,” Oliver said. “unfortunately, as someone who does this work, I am not surprised,”

She said Baltimore police should hand over the investigation to a third party.

“To make sure that everything is being transparent, thorough, and to make sure there’s not going to be a cover-up from this case,” Oliver added.

Baltimore Police did not address the matter on camera, but said in a statement, that they are working to identify any officers who may have been involved and fully establish the facts of the case.

Paul Gessler


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