BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Prosecutors have dropped the murder case against an East Baltimore woman accused of stabbing her stepmother to death.

Valeria Smith will now be charged with being an accessory, her defense attorney confirmed Monday.

She has been indicted in Baltimore Circuit Court on one charge of accessory after the crime.

Smith, 28, and her father, Keith Smith, 53, were captured just 20 minutes from the Mexican border in southern Texas — where prosecutors said the two were fleeing.


Police said on December 1, 2018, Keith and Valeria Smith stabbed Jacquelyn Smith — Keith’s wife — in Baltimore and claimed a panhandler did it.

Judges previously had learned Valeria Smith suffers from bipolar disorder and heroin addiction.

Her father has a violent criminal past that includes armed bank robberies.

The story went national and brought in concerns about the homeless in Baltimore. Oprah Winfrey wrote online, “This story struck my heart. I’ve done this a 1K times. But will think twice before ever doing again,”

According to charging documents, the Smith’s gave inconsistent timelines of the night of the murder, and cell phone data puts them in Druid Hill Park, far from the East Baltimore’s block where they claimed Smith was stabbed.


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  1. Judges previously had learned Valeria Smith suffers from bipolar disorder and heroin addiction. This is an excuse now for murder?? The laws in this country SUCK, all for the heartless worthless violent criminals and NONE for the victims and their family’s! You can rest assure MOSBY had a hand in this because she is always has sympathy for the hoodrat criminals why she does not care about enforcing our drugs laws in Baltimore city. She could care less about the victims or their family’s! The soft judges are just as bad and part of the revolving door out of control crime problem… SICKENING CORRUPT BALTIMORE CITY…

  2. Anyone surprised?? ANYONE?? What they do, turn them loose back onto society for them to do it again or worse! SMH in discuss with the constant repetitive total lack of ACCOUNTABILITY when dealing with violent criminals, it’s the DEMOCRATIC WAY AND MOTTO!! Why this city is a RAT HOLE!!!

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