BALTIMORE (WJZ) — On Monday, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison was given five days to create a crime plan.

Harrison delivered his proposal to City Council on Friday night at City Hall.

The budget presentation with the Council lasted over two hours and in his opening statement he said the first step is, “admitting we have a problem.”

The plan to correct that problem is an expensive one.

“I intend to hold everyone in the Baltimore City Police Department accountable,” Harrison said.

Key parts of Harrison’s plan are organization, restructure and enhancing recruiting efforts. Harrison said that 37 recruits are set to begin class on Monday.

“Many of these efforts already begun before I arrived,” Harrison said. “In the future, we want to make sure the staffing plans guide our effort in implementing future phases of the civilization and professionalism of the BPD.”

With 130 homicides so far this year, part of Harrison’s plan includes proposing $53 million on crime investigation.

“17.5 percent of this year’s budget request is set aside for administration and information technology, and let’s be honest, the information technology part is not a substantial part of that amount,” Harrison said.

There have been 463 gun arrests so far in 2019. That’s down 12 percent compared to last year.

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  1. Gun arrests are down, HELLO!!! That’s means nothing, the GUNS are still on the streets more then EVER! HELLO… HELLO.. I would rather see more arrest it means the guns are be taken off the streets HELLO…But the BODY count is piled higher then the pile of money Pugh has from her book deals! HELLO… turn the news on HELLO… MULTIPLE SHOOTING EVERYDAY!! HELLO…That means they are using guns!! HELLO… What are you NUTS??? OH i see they are not using guns they are just THROWING the bullets at everyone… SMH at the stupidity running this city!

  2. Your PR rhetoric you are trying to sell us not working for ya! Just cause you say does not make it so, PROVE IT!! The city hired an over paid PR person trying to make himself look better than he is! AGAIN!! The bodies stacked up to the ceiling at the coroners office say different then story that you are try to sell us, HELLO… They are using GUNS to commit these violent crimes and murders! HELLO… We are a little smarter then that!!

  3. 53m dollars should by us a lot of RESULTS!!

  4. Tickedoff Person says:

    The only time I ever see results is when outside agencies come in and make it a joint effort. ATF, DEA, FBI. When they show up, they round up who are they after and it’s done. Our men and women of the BCPD reminds me of people rushing around to fill out reports.No true policing They try but their hands are tied. The latest harbor place fiasco. You see the police running around chasing ghost. Why not just surround the entire group and then move in? Catch them all then sort them out. This devision of force is ineffective . The manpower is there. Implemented inproperly. This is just poor tactics on the police command staff. Why not private contractors working for the police when things are out of control. Let them go in and round up who the police are after. I’m sure they get their criminal every time. Our federal government uses contractors overseas and they always get the job done in the nastiest hoods. Just a thought………..

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