By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — So yesterday for our Noon News I am doing a live shot from the “Outback.” (By the way the name we use for that outdoor studio has zero to do with a food chain but rather something we have said here at WJZ for years. There is a huge brick grill behind the station. It was built in the 90’s, for a potential grilling segment, and we have used it for cookouts from time to time. During one of these “at work parties”  someone would say where is so and so? And the answer would be “outback cooking.” Hence the “Outback.”)

Anyway I am doing the live shot and noticing how lush the area looked. All this rain in May, and at times this month, have really ripened up the entire area and that is good because we know, other than in extreme situations like last year’s record rain, a dry period will indeed hit during the Summer. With some heavy rain in the forecast for Thursday you might be thinking, “enough already.” But for the farmers, and gardeners in the state it is really never enough. Especially knowing what may lay ahead. Enjoy that beautiful green scenery.



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